9 Single Parenting Tips To Remain In Control

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9 Single Parenting Tips To Remain In Control

6. Set ground rules.

One of the problems with single parenting is that you won’t have anyone there to back you up. Children will learn to use this to their advantage very early on, especially if there are more than two of them. However, even if you are outnumbered, you are still the boss and your children need to respect this.

The best way to ensure that what you say goes is to establish ground rules in the house that everyone, including yourself, must obey.

7. Use visual reminders.

One way to help remain in control is to use visual reminders to help your children know what is acceptable and what is not. A chore chart is a good start.

8. Stick to punishment.

There are several different ways to discipline your child including one-two-three magic, taking toys away, using a time-out chair, etc. Whatever you choose, stick to it and stand your ground, even if this means taking something away or dealing with tantrums over and over again.

9. Take some time for yourself.

And finally, make sure you take some time for yourself every once in a while, too. Ask for help from friends, neighbours and family members.

Taking an hour to yourself and getting out of the house will help you refresh, recharge and face the challenges with harmony.

Do you have any single parenting tips?

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