25 Skills All Women Should Learn

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25 Skills All Women Should Learn

Life brings with it certain day to day challenges, from getting a flat tyre to handling a tough breakup, and a woman needs to learn how to meet those challenges head on. I was thinking about certain things that all women should know how to do, and as I made the list I was surprised at how few I could actually do myself. Here’s a list of the top 25 skills that every woman should learn.

Dealing with cramps

Besides the bloating and general cranky attitude, cramps are one of the worst side effects of a woman’s monthly cycle. To deal with cramps, you can try some light exercise, drinking a lot of water, and putting a hot water bottle on your stomach to relax the muscles.

Beating a Hangover

It happens to all of us every now and then we grab just a few drinks too many and end up paying the price the next morning. What do you do? First of all, call in sick at work (or call Mum to watch the kids), then hit the water bottle and drink as much as you can. Hangovers happen because you’re dehydrated, so get that water back into your system. Eat a few light snacks, then go to sleep again. When you wake up, repeat.

Falling asleep

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, the easiest fix is trying to keep a routine go to bed at the same time every night. If that’s not helping, you may want to read a book or try exercising a few hours before lights out.  A nice warm malted milk before bed also helps.

Learn Self Defence

Women should always be equipped with some basic moves that they can use to beat off an attacker, if only to give them enough time to run away. The film Miss Congeniality got it right S.I.N.G. If you’re being attacked, go for his: Solar Plexus, Instep, Nose, or Groin. Those are the most sensitive parts on a guy. Remember that you aren’t trying to beat the guy in a fight you just want to surprise him enough that you can get away safely.

Find the correct bra size

A lot of women actually wear the wrong sized bras.  Make sure you get fitted every time. Now I used to avoid fittings (I don’t want a stranger handling my jugs), but professional fitters are very discreet and practised at sizing you and getting the right bra that fits correctly is so much more comfortable.  So when bra shopping next, make a point of having a bit of extra time to get it right.

Changing a tyre

It’s actually pretty easy to change a tyre. The first step is always to put the hand brake on. Then, get the jack out and look at the manual to see where to put it. Some cars have a mark beside the wheel to let you know where it goes. Raise up the jack until the wheel is off the ground. Now take off the hubcap and all the lug nuts underneath, then slide the tyre off. Put the new tyre on, make sure it’s screwed in tight, and you’re ready to go! Have a practice at home so you know how if you get stuck!  Always keep a torch in the car too in case you get stuck in the dark!

Planning a party

It’s actually pretty hard to throw a perfect party, but in the end it’s always worth it. The best advice is to start planning early so you don’t leave out anything important. Always think about the theme of the party, the guests, invitations, location, parking, beverages, finger food and all the little details that make a party special.

Time Management

It’s always important to plan ahead, no matter what you’re doing. After that, you have to learn to prioritize. Sort your tasks by importance and stay focused on the goal while you’re doing them. A planner, either on paper or on your computer, can really help you stay on track.

Use Sunscreen

It seems simple enough, but are you really using enough? A moisturizing sunscreen will protect you from the sun, but it can also make your skin smooth and supple. Remember that the sun can get you even if it’s cloudy, which is why a lot of doctors recommend using sunscreen daily.

Being happy at work

A lot of people aren’t happy at their jobs, plain and simple. Maybe it used to seem fun, but now it’s an effort just to drag yourself out of bed each morning. The best advice is to just make the best of what you have. Talk to your coworkers more, put some personal attention into your surroundings to make them more cozy. It’s possible that you aren’t being challenged enough too, so if that’s the case, just ask your boss for more work. They’ll be happy to oblige, and you can get some fun out of the mental stimulation.

Breaking up with a Guy

Whether you’ve said or had it said to you, the breakup of “it’s not you, it’s me” just never seems to come off as honest. When you’re breaking up with someone for whatever reason, honesty is always the best road to take. Just say what you need to say, being nice, but honest. And on top of that, do it in person whenever possible. The guy may be a complete jerk, but nobody likes being broken up with over the phone or via text.


When it comes to jewelry, the general idea is that less is more. Learning how to accessorise an outfit with just a few choice touches here and there can go a lot further than piling on carat after carat of gold. Try to make your accessories compliment the outfit you’re wearing.

Putting on Blush

The first step to applying blush is to find the colour that matches your skin tone. If you slap your cheeks lightly, they should turn slightly red, which is the colour you want. Use a brush that is only meant for blush, and find the “apples” of your cheeks by looking in a mirror and smiling. That’s where you want to brush.

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Learn CPR

You never know when basic CPR knowledge will come in handy, and it may be the difference that ends up saving someone’s life. Contact your local Ambulance Station to see when you can get into a class and learn it the right way.  A lot of times you can claim the cost on tax.

Washing your face at night

If you want to avoid acne and breakouts, you can try washing your face every night before you go to sleep. This gets rid of any makeup or oil that may be there from the day, and will let your pores breathe while you sleep. A toner is a great idea if you have oily skin – and to remove that last little bit of cleanser you may of missed.

Putting a condom on your man

Between STDs and unplanned pregnancy, a condom can be much more valuable than you might think. Your partner will probably know how to put one on, but it doesn’t hurt to know for yourself. First you take it out of the package, and check to see which way it rolls open. Now put it over the head of the penis, and, holding the tip in place, just roll it open as far as it will go.

Giving a Compliment

Compliments are a great way to make someone feel good about themselves, and you might even be more cheerful yourself after giving one out. An out-of-the-blue compliment can really make someone’s day brighter. When you’re giving a compliment, be sincere and be specific.

Catching lies

It’s always helpful to be able to tell if someone is lying to you. Most of the time, there are simple gestures and bits of body language that will give a lie away. Not making eye contact is one common sign, and so is touching their mouth or face while saying it.

Giving yourself a Breast Exam

All of us women have to be proactive about breast cancer, and the best way is to spot it early. You should always lie down when doing a self examination. If you’re doing the left breast, place the left arm under your head, palm up, and use the right hand to check, rubbing in a circular motion over the whole breast. When in doubt, at your next doctors appointment have the doctor show you how!

Avoiding Heart Disease

Heart disease kills more women than anything else, but you can take steps in your own life to prevent it as much as possible. First of all, stress is one of the biggest contributing factors, followed by smoking. A clean diet with plenty of vegetables and lean meat combined with an active lifestyle is the best way to keep yourself safe.

Learn the Art of Flirting

Some women have it, some women don’t. Either way, flirting is an important weapon in our womanly arsenal. Even if you want the guy to make that first move, you have to send him some signals that you’re interested in him. The easiest way is to touch him lightly, like resting your hand on his arm when you laugh or pulling something off his shirt. Eye contact is helpful as well, especially if you hold it for a split second longer than normal. If you talk about his interests as well, he’ll know you’re into him.

Getting Past a Job Interview

When you finally get an interview for that job of your dreams, it’s understandable to be a little nervous. Doing some research about the company will let you go into the interview with more confidence. On the morning of, get a good night’s sleep, make sure you wake up early enough that you aren’t rushed, and have a filling breakfast. You’ll do fine, I promise. Take extra care with your hair, makeup and outfit – and be prepared.

Being Safe on the Internet

Personal privacy is one of the last commodities we have in this digital age, and it’s easier than ever to give out too much information accidentally when you’re online. If you post your address and then make a big deal about your upcoming two week vacation, everybody is going to know the best time to rob your house. When you’re posting something public, just ask yourself whether it’s something you’d normally tell to a total stranger.

Choosing a Partner

It seems like women can never tell when that seemingly great guy is actually a creep down underneath. Even if he’s nice to you, see how he treats other people. If he’s extremely rude to the waiter on your date, it probably means you’ll eventually see that side of him directed at you. A great guy will always be a gentleman to everybody around him.

Getting over a Breakup

Nobody likes being dumped, and it’s easy to get depressed thinking about the guy you just lost. I’m not saying you should get over it the same day, but you can still make it easier on yourself. Get rid of the things that make you think about him, then get out and have some fun to take your mind off it. If anything, make sure you have a friend or family member to talk about it with.

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