Stop Reporting that “A Footballer Died with his Family”. He Murdered Them in Cold Blood

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  • Stop Reporting that “A Footballer Died with his Family”. He Murdered Them in Cold Blood

News Sites Reporting the Tragic Murder of a Woman and her Three Children by Her Ex-Husband have a lot to answer for…

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Some of the headlines I’ve seen regarding this include:

“Footy Star Dies Along with His Three Children”

“Ex-Rugby Player, Wife and 3 Kids Killed in Horrific Car Fire”

“Camp Hill Deaths: Three Children Die in Horrific Incident”

If you haven’t heard the awful news, Rowan Baxter set his three children and his ex-wife alight and burnt them all to death.  For a start; this ISN’T a man, this ISN’T “a bloke”, this is a fucking piece of shit, a monster, a family annihilator, who would rather murder his entire family than let them leave.

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First of all……

These headlines are simply trivialising domestic violence in Australia. They are making a mockery of murder against women and children. They are glamourising this piece of shit by calling him a ‘footy star’ as if his other accomplishments in life are so important.

There is NO excuse, there is NEVER a situation that this can be forgiven. Your marriage might be breaking up and your life may be in upheaval, maybe you think your ex-partner is the devil incarnate but to do something like this is unjustifiable. Man or woman.

Calling this piece of shit an ex NRL star is making light of what he actually is. A sadistic, premeditated, murderer.

So, to the newspapers and your co-hort, I say please STOP!.  You are making this shit worse. There might be some other sadistic moron out there that might think this is a glamorous way to go out. So stop it, please fucking stop it.

If you are concerned about someone in your family please get help call lifeline on 131114.

Stay safe everyone.

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