20+ Best Apps For Kids For Free!Learning for Kids Have Never Been This Fun...and Free!

Whenever I come into contact with new, even old, technology, I usually break something or delete essential programming, so living in a very tech-basic bucket has been enough for me. Until now that is.

My eldest child is all over the iPads at kindy, on our phones, playing ‘birds’ or ‘bikes’ and has even commandeered the PS4. Okey dokey! It’s time to find out what’s available that’s at least going to teach him a useful thing or two. Heck, I might even learn something!

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We have both Android and iOS systems to choose from (I am a Samsung supporter and my husband has an iPhone that neither of us can use) and from what I can see, you can get pretty much the same thing whether you’re shopping in the Google Play Store or the App Store. So I went shopping, but only for the freebies and actually installed a few along the way.

Here are some of the apps I found suitable for my kids — and I bet would be perfect for yours, too..

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