20+ Best Apps For Kids For Free!Learning for Kids Have Never Been This Fun...and Free!

Apps for Learning

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1. ABC4Kids iview – It’s a safe, child-friendly app brought to you by the ABC that includes all your favourite preschool programs where kids can learn, play and explore. It’s super pretty with no ads!

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2. ABC Flashcards – Everyone knows that flashcards are an easy way to help youngsters remember letters and the way the letter sounds by pairing them with something beginning with that letter.

3. Animal Farm For Kids – My boys love this. They get to do ‘farmer jobs’ like drive the tractor, fill the bucket from the well and feed the chooks. I am now being pressured for real chooks.

4. Animal Puzzles For Kids – Great fun for all ages, including the parents ‘helping’ the kids! The puzzles get a bit difficult after a while, but are an excellent memory and problem-solving task.

5. Connect The Dots For Kids – Colourful with sound and vibrations to accompany each of the 15 pictures. Kids will love all the different designs to connect. Now, I know paper and pencils are on the way out!

6. Doctor Kids – Kids come to your clinic needing teeth fixed, vaccinations, eye tests and x-rays, which are all pretty cool, not to forget the ambulance you get to drive!

7. Kids Garden – Gosh! This one has everything! Letters, numbers, shapes, animals, fruits, veges, vehicles and movements. No ads in this one either!

8. Kids Learn Shapes – Learning the shapes that we actually use in real life settings. Nice and colourful too!

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9. Trip To The Zoo – A winner because the animals make cool sounds and you can visit them as much as you like, feed them and even fix a tractor!

10. Word Mania by Literacy Planet – Now, this is the kind of thing I like! Making as many words as you can out of the given letters in a specific time frame, just like a board game I used to have. My kids are a bit young for this one just yet, so I’ll just keep playing it until they’re ready.

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