20+ Best Apps For Kids For Free!Learning for Kids Have Never Been This Fun...and Free!

Arty Pants

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11. Kids Doodle, Colour and Draw – This has been our favourite.  The neon colours on black background stand out beautifully and there’s even a movie mode! Great fun!

12. Kids Face Paint – So bright and colourful! Heaps of fun for everyone! Learn how to create designs like fairies, pirates, tigers and clowns. I’m pretty sure if you had this one and practiced you’ll be right for the next kid’s birthday party.

13. Kids Finger Painting – 240 easy to colour pictures that look like a kid drew it which is actually very inviting!

14. Kids Paint Easy – A very simple brush, colour and clear button selection makes it easy for all kids.

15. Kids Painting Lite – With three options of either freestyle drawing which can be saved, fill the colours, or memory challenge, this one will keep the painters very happy!

16. Paint Sparkles Colouring Book – Paint and sparkles, how many kids would say no to that combination? It’s still educational too, kids can learn the alphabet, and then colour and add sparkle to whatever they choose!

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