20+ Best Apps For Kids For Free!Learning for Kids Have Never Been This Fun...and Free!

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17. Beepzz Kids Car Racing – So darn cute and my children enjoy anything to do with animals or racing cars.

18. Cake Maker Kids – A cooking game that allows you to make a cake for any occasion. Use different sizes, shapes, filling and decoration then get ready to blow out the candles at the end or launch some fireworks!

19. Fun Kid Racing – Cars, bikes, ramps, hills. Enough said. Children are happy.

20. Lego Duplo Train – For toddlers to enjoy, especially the train fanatics! They will love building tracks, refueling the train and hearing the horn toot.

21. Mechanic Mike – Monster Truck clean-up! Dirty trucks getting cleaned, tires changed and fuelled up, my boys are hooked. They can even decorate and freshen up the town!

22. Supermarket Clean – Picking up the rubbish, cleaning cobwebs, wiping up spills and putting items away on shelves, never too young to start learning about tidying!

23. Tailor Kids – The detail in this one is incredible! You have your own clothes store, customers that need garments made for them which your kids can direct the steaming, cutting, sewing, colour selection and decorations.

24. Wash Pets – Walk the dogs, play with the cats then give them a darn good shampoo and blow-dry! Kids can also take the pets to the vet, give them an x-ray, brush their teeth, have their nails done and of course, dress them up. Our real pets are in for a treat if the kids decide they want to do this to them too!

What are your kid’s favourite App?

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