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These days there are so many apps to wade through.

So SAHM thought we’d give you a taste of what apps there are to help you wade a bit faster, or with a goal in mind, or track your wading so you can share it with others who wade like you do. Here are 10 apps to make fitness another thing that you can do in your week. Invest a little time in your health and fitness today, for free!


1. Daily Yoga

If your daily grind means there is no time to get dressed in yoga gear, pack the car, remember your mat (as gym ones are generally gross), wrangle the children into crèche and then go and “relax” for an hour while some flexible goddess demonstrates how to put your ankles behind your ears and smile at the same time, then this app is for you. Casual, moderate, and intense workouts are there and the best part is that you can pause it while you separate the warring children or stir dinner. Slot some yoga into your day!

via dailyyoga.com

2. Moves

You could get a fancy pedometer to track your every move or you could use the amazing technology in your smart phone and use this app to track your daily activity. This app is a companion for your day and at the end of each one, you have a story line to your activities. You then review your actual life – not the dream on in your head – and try to make small changes to add more exercise into your day. Incremental and incidental exercise is the way to the a fitter, trimmer you.

via moves-app.com

3. SleepBot

Life is one third sleep and so you need an app for that! Use this one to see how “well” you’re sleeping and gives you something to focus on to improve the most important hours of your day. Are you honestly giving yourself enough hours to sleep? Are you routinely waking at a certain time, resettling then trying to wake up in a deeper part of your sleep cycle? This app also has a feature to wake you, gently, during a light part of your sleep cycle.

via mysleepbot.com

4. Run Keeper

Run Keeper is simple – you start it and the Katy Perry-esque narrator tells you “activity started” and you start moving. It tracks where you’re going, gives you as much or as little detail on your travels as you want, and can play your music to keep you on task. At the end, it has a nifty map, Facebook integration, a heap of statistics and even some badges for you if today was a “best”! This app is awesome for starting when you set off on a walk with the “pram mafia”, knows all about the pauses that happen on the way – wee break, swapping from pram to carrier, seeing a butterfly – and allows you to tag others in your notes. You can add photos to each activity as well, to document that healthy after-exercise glow.

via runkeeper.com

5. Jefit

Portable, affordable personal trainers are right here for you. Set your goals to focus on your fitness and use the 1300+ exercises – complete with animations – to get the most out of your exercise! There are three levels of workouts programmed, from beginner to advanced, so choose one, master it and move on. Browse workouts sorted by most popular, most downloaded (not the same thing as “most downloaded”), the top rated (a different selection again), top viewed, and recently added.

via jefit.com

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