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The Best and Worst Shows on Netflix October 2018

Are you a television junkie? Hell me too!  It is the cheapest form of entertainment out there, and there is absolutely NOTHING on television (ever).  These are what myself and the team have been watching lately.  See if you agree or disagree.  Down the bottom we have a list of the worst shows on Netflix!

The Haunting of Hill House

Start Date: 12th October 2018

I’m only 3 episodes in – and it is scary as hell!  Really really scary – but a brilliant story.  I can’t wait to keep watching!

Plot: A family of seven moves to Hill House to renovate it for profit.  However, on night two the Father gathers all his children at 3am in the morning and runs for their lives.  Fast forward to the future, and Dad still hasn’t told the children what actually happened that night, and they are all fractured from their own memories of the house.  It has been dubbed as a ‘Six Feet Under with Ghosts’.

My Score:  8.5/10

The Haunting of Hill House (2018)


Ozark: Season 2

If you loved the first season of Ozark (I freaking LOVED it) – you are in for one hell of a wild ride – because Season Two is even more brilliant.  Following the story of a family caught in the middle of a huge drug cartel and are forced to launder money through local businesses.  Jason Bateman is such a huge standout – and it really proves just how versatile an actor he really is.  Also look for newcomer Julie Garner who plays Ruth, the girl from the wrong tracks who lives in a trailer.

My Score: 9/10

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney in Ozark (2017)

Big Mouth: Season 2

Start Date: 5th October 2018

I really enjoyed the first season of Big Mouth – even though it is animated (Gah – usually hate them) – but it was hilariously inappropriate and cringeworthy.  The second season starts out fantastic – especially enjoying the song that Coach Steve sang in

But then I kind of tuned out on episode 5.

My Score:  The first season I gave it an 8/10, but the second is about a 6.5/10.

Big Mouth (2017)

Black Mirror

Every episode of Black Mirror is an independent story of how technology has affected our lives or could affect our lives.  It is brilliantly done, and is truly an outstanding series!

My Score: 9/10

Black Mirror (2011)

The Staircase

A documentary series focusing on American Novelist Michael Petersen.  Did he kill his wife in 2001? Is he innocent? This documentary digs deep into every aspect of the case.  Great for people who love True Crime.  I think he did it!

My Score: 7/10

Soupçons (2004)

Making a Murderer: Season 2

Another great series if you love True Crime. This one hasn’t started yet, but I loved the first series and can’t wait to see this one.  See what all the fuss was about and watch it now before this one comes out.

Start Date: 19th October 2018

Steven Avery in Making a Murderer (2015)

Get Shorty: Season 2

This series is very much a follow-on from the movie (and if you didn’t watch the movie – it doesn’t matter!).  This is such a well put-together, well-casted show that keeps you on the edge of your seat every episode.  It is about a mobster that gets involved in the movie business as a way to launder money from the Mob Boss, Amara.  Amara is the character that really makes the show, she is incredible and you just can’t help but adore her evilness!

My Score: 10/10

Ray Romano and Chris O'Dowd in Get Shorty (2017)


Stranger Things:

I LOVED the first series of Stranger Things, it was something different, had a great cast and the story was epic.  However it all went downhill from there.  I think Season 2 was bloody terrible and unwatchable.

My Score: 7/10

Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Natalia Dyer, Caleb McLaughlin, Sadie Sink, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, and Gaten Matarazzo in Stranger Things (2016)

The Good Place: Season 3

Start Date: 5th October 2018

This is a fantastically quirky and unusual series – and I’ve not quite seen anything like it.  I personally love it, but I don’t think it is for everyone. Eleanor is a bad person who dies and goes ‘To the Good Place’ where she tries to learn how to be good.  Sounds crap when you say it out loud – but it is worth a look!

My Score: 8/10

Ted Danson, Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, Manny Jacinto, Jameela Jamil, and D'Arcy Carden in The Good Place (2016)


The Worst New Shows on Netflix October 2018

Of course I also have to mention the crap that is on Netflix too.  There are so many movies that rate less than a 5 on the IMDB website (that I won’t even attempt) – but here are a few I gave a chance to – and regretted that decision.


Start Date: 5th October 2018

Why Netflix why!  I can’t stand dubbed television shows.  Just add subtitles why don’t you!  I think this show could actually be good, but can’t get past the words not matching the speaking.  But the sauce shower scene in the first episode is pretty hot!

My Score: 1/10

Danna Paola, Arón Piper, Miguel Herrán, Mina El Hammani, Ester Expósito, Jaime Lorente, María Pedraza, Miguel Bernardeau, Itzan Escamilla, Álvaro Rico, and Omar Ayuso in Élite (2018)

Joe Rogan: Strange Times

Start Date: 2nd October 2018

Let me start by saying that I’m a huge fan of Joe Rogan.  He is freaking hilarious and is just killing it in the Podcasting world at the moment.  But his stand up comedy routine was just – mehhhh.  Stick to the podcasting Joe.  It did have a couple of chuckle moments but that’s about it.

My Score: 2.5/10


Joe Rogan: Strange Times (2018)

Glow: Season Two

Season one was very enjoyable – I loved it and was looking forward to Season 2.  But it was so boring I turned it off after 3 episodes. It is about a female wrestling tv show during the 1980’s.

My Score: 1/10


GLOW (2017)


Iron Fist

OMFG this was so bad.  I’m a bit over the whole Marvel thing (except for Jessica Jones) – I think they just ran out of ideas.

My Score: 0/10

Finn Jones in Iron Fist (2017)

The Best and Worst Shows on Netflix October 2018

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