The Most Amazing Libraries Around the WorldAre you a book worm? Prepare to drool in envy!

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In an alternative life where I’m filthy rich and have all day to do nothing but read books in a cosy corner, I’d love to visit these libraries.


They are the most amazing libraries in the entire world, so get ready to be jealous!

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The University Club Library, New York

The University Club Library New York - Stay At Home Mum
Image via: Imgur, Imgur Ilene Squires Photography,

Location: New York City, United States

The University Club in New York is a very private, old-school members-only club for the rich, famous and privileged. Pretty much everything we’re not!

The club dates back to 1861 with students from Yale founding the club to socialise privately after school with like-minded rich kids. It was also a strictly male-only club until 1987. The Library and reading room were apparently modeled on the Vatican Apartments, and they’re absolutely stunning!

Trinity College Old Library

Trinity College Old Library - Stay At Home Mum Image via: @britianintime

Location: Dublin, Ireland

The Tinity College Old Library is located at the University of Dublin. It is the largest library in Ireland and also the only Irish library to hold legal deposit rights for the United Kingdom, which is kinda impressive. The Library was founded 1592 making it one of the oldest libraries in the world.

The main chamber of the Library is 65 meters in length and known as the Long Room. It was built in 1712 and contains 200,000 of the Library’s oldest books!

The British Museum Reading Room

The British Museam Reading Reading Room - Stay At Home Mum

Image via: The Pink

Location: London, England.

Built 1857, the British Museum Reading Room is considered one of the great sights of London and has became a world-famous place of learning.

When the Reading Room opened 1857, the library held a special one-off public viewing. Over 62,000 visitors came just to marvel at the new building. All the bookshelves and cases inside were made of iron to hold the weight of the books and protect them against fire. They are 4.8 kilometres long and with 40 kilometers of shelving!

Library at El Real Monasterio de El Escorial

Library at El Read Monesterio de El Escorial - Stay At Home Mum

Image via: Buzzfeed

Location: Madrid, Spain

This library is more than just your average library. Not only did the King of Spain have a residence here, but the library contains more than 40,000 volumes. That’s a lot of reading. It’s also an impressive building, with the Great Hall measuring 54 metres in length, with a massive 10 metre high ceiling, and stunning marble floors and hand-carved wooden shelves!

Bristol Central Library

Bristol central Library - Stay At Hone Mum

Image via: Iris

Location: England, Bristol

The Bristol Central Library was built in 1906, and was quite an architecturally unique building at the time because it was built on a substantial slope.

This means that only three stories are visible from one side, while five are visible from the other! The hall entrance has a turquoise glass mosaic with different types of marble covering each floor, including the magnificent staircase.To let natural light in the building was also designed with skylights, glass screens and glass-block roof and floor panels, making it a gorgeous place to be.


Clementinum library - Stay At Home Mum

Image via: Opodo, Gag Daily

Location: Prague

The Clementinum is not just a single library, it’s actually a historically significant complex of buildings located in Prague. It was founded in 1781 and is enormous, covering around 20,000 square metres. This actually makes it the second largest complex of buildings in Prague, after the Prague Castle! It’s a perfect example of Baroque architecture, and the library hall features stunning ceiling paintings.

Abbey Library of St. Gallen

St Gallen Library - Stay At Home Mum

Images via: Encyclopaedia, The Architects Newspaper, For Reading Addicts

Location: Switzerland

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The Abbey Library of St Gallen isn’t just a historically important building, it’s also a lucky one. In 937 a fire destroyed a large part of the Abbey, but incredibly the library remained barely damaged. The library and Abbey were made a world heritage site in 1983, and the collection is one of the oldest in Switzerland. It’s also one of the earliest and most significant monastic libraries in the world!

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