The Stars First Headshots… See How Far They Have ComeSee their naive faces before they ever had a major break in Hollywood

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Mugshots are for criminals and headshots are for celebrities. See how innocent and gorgeous they used to be.

If you think being a celebrity is easy as making your kid’s mac and cheese, well here’s a straight up fact. Before we ever see them on-screen and glossy front covers, they have undergone meticulous and endless struggles to make it big in tinseltown. Aside from their breathtaking acting, did you know that these celebrities need a good set of headshots just to get noticed and be casted? Headshots are an important step for celebrities to make it big in Hollywood.

Most of the photos are taken in black and white standard but it’s insane seeing how these stars have or have not changed at all through  the years.

Here are the best celebrity headshots before they made a name for themselves:

1. Alexis Bledel

From the sweet Rory in Gilmore Girls to losing her sugary innocence in Sin City 2.  1- alexis bell

2. Kevin Spacey

Oh, looks like a promising matinee actor but we still prefer the ruthless and vengeful, Frank Underwood.

celebrity first headshots

3. Robert Downey Jr. 

He was the King of New Wave before he became Ironman. 3-robert downey

4. Denzel Washington

He must be destined to be The Equalizer, just look at that perfectly symmetrical face.


5. Alec Baldwin

We do miss his cheek bones and those eyes are still damn sexy!


6. Angelina Jolie

Good looks: if you’re born with it, you just might have to bear it for the rest of your life. And, we’re downright jealous for your deistic genes.

6-angelina jolie

7. Winona Ryder

We’re overjoyed you gave up Madeline’s hat!

7-winona ryder

8. Philip Seymour Hoffman

We miss PSH but I think we’re okay without the man bun. A face swap with Matt Damon maybe?

9. Sam Rockwell

With or without beard, you still rock my world!


10. Naomi Watts

It’s preposterous to call her the accident-prone actress but this pretty face has tricked death for a number of times- from being caught in a riptide in England and falling into a ditch in a set of her movie King Kong.

10-naomi watts

11. Chris Noth

This guy is as hot as ‘Sex and the City’
11- chris noth

12. Whitney Houston

Proof why she made it big from singing solo in churches to an international audience.
12- whitnet houston

13. Frances McDormand

Her first-rated performance made her one of the few actresses who was granted an Academy, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Awards.

13-frances mcdormand

14. Jennifer Aniston

She really rocked that fringe and that hairstyle ever since.

16- jennifer aniston

15. Jennifer Lawrence

Her lucky charm? Her curls.

celebrity first headshots

16. Kerry Washington

That blameless face doesn’t even know what scandal is.18-kerry washington

17. Kristen Stewart

Before she really knows how to smile until she became a vampire babe.

celebrity first headshots

18. Will Arnett

The receding hairline is totally glaring.
20- will

19. Melissa McCarthy

She used to look like my freakish Science teacher! Thank God for blowers.

celebrity first headshots

20. Channing Tatum

From one to next role, he’s still playing the hot guy in the block who has eyes  to devour every woman’s soul. *Sigh.


Do you have anything to add on the list? 



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