8 Tips To Quit Sugar

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8 Tips To Quit Sugar

Bad habits are hard to quit. Sadly, this includes sugar!

Following up on our article on Why Should I Quit Sugar, SAHM thought we would take the plunge and find out exactly how we go about giving up the sweet stuff. It’s been documented as harder to give up than street drugs and smoking, so how do you really go about quitting sugar? Here are some tips on what to eat and do instead of devouring that block of Cadbury Bubbly!

Tips to Quit Sugar | Stay At Home Mum

8. High Protein Foods

Not only do they make you feel fuller for longer, foods high in protein can regulate your blood sugar, stopping that drastic spike and depressing low that happens when you consume refined sugar. Good fats and foods high in fibre will also help keep you satisfied and help keep you regular.

Foods like avocados, eggs, nuts, hummus, olive oil and salmon all provide excellent sources of omega 3 and actually reduce your cholesterol levels.

7. Green Leafies

Green leafy vegies like kale and spinach are fantastic in so many ways, but when it comes to detoxing from sugar, they keep you fuller for longer and dont come with the hidden sugars of bread, pasta and carbohydrates. Try increasing your servings of broccoli, cabbage and lettuce to get the full benefits of your leafy greens.

6. Sour foods

Ever had one of those god awful sour warheads or worms the kids are always sucking on? Most of them are a sour taste based around a sugar lolly, the contrast of the two flavours being what appeals to kids so much but is so unappealing to adults. Sour flavours knock out a craving for sweet, so if you can handle a little sauerkraut instead of sweet corn, it’s the perfect choice.

5. Rehydrate

Everyone knows the huge list of health benefits that water boasts. In the case of detoxing from any substance, water flushes out the system and removes toxins from your blood stream and internal organs. In the case of sugar, water easily flushes it out of the body, reducing the presence of cravings with it, and keeps you feeling full.

Tips to Quit Sugar | Stay At Home Mum

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