Bridesmaids and Groomsmens Outfits on a BudgetDon't lose friends over the cost of your wedding

 Weddings are expensive.

And when it comes to your friends participating in your big day, don’t think that they are an open checkbook!

You are getting married – congratulations!  The fun part about planning your wedding is choosing the friends that will stand by you on the big day!

If you want to remain friends with your bridesmaids after your wedding, be aware of their financial situation and how much money they will have to put in to attend your big day.  Some brides ask the wedding party to pay for their own outfits, and others foot the bill to ensure that they all match perfectly. The first thing you have to decide is who is paying for these outfits. Talk with your fiancee and any family members involved in paying for the wedding to come to an agreement.

If you would like the bridesmaids and groomsmen to pay for their own outfits, keep in mind their individual financial situations. You’ll probably end up picking the outfits yourself, so try to make sure they aren’t too expensive. For the groomsmen it’s usually pretty easy; renting a suit is not overly expensive, and all you have to do is colour coordinate the shirt, vest, and lapel. For the bridesmaids, it gets a little harder.

First, talk with all the bridesmaids involved individually and try to get a sense of the budget they’ll be able to work with. Then, go out shopping with everybody as a group to get different opinions on the various dresses you want. It helps to have some idea of the colour or style, but it’s not necessary. Sometimes you’ll find something unexpected that completely blows your mind. No matter who ends up paying, whether it’s you or them, you can always save extra money by looking for budget bridesmaid dresses.

Don’t Shop at Bridal Stores

Bridal stores seem to think they have the obligation to take a regular dress and add a few hundred dollars extra to the price tag. Since the bridesmaid dresses can be less formal than the wedding dress, you can skip these stores completely and head to a more budget friendly clothing store to find something just as dazzling. The best part is, these dresses can be worn for other occasions as well.

While shopping, consider the needs of all the bridesmaids to choose a style that is flattering for everybody. A skintight, thigh length dress may look great on your sister, but look hideous on your best friend. Remember, everyone wants to feel beautiful on your wedding day, even if the focus is mostly on you. The best way to start is to look at some pictures to get ideas and then head out for a day of shopping with an open mind. Or if your bridesmaids are all shapes and colours – perhaps choose the same colour but different styles.

Another thing to remember is that you don’t have to feel bad about where you buy your dresses. Maybe the bridesmaids dresses don’t cost $400 each and aren’t made of silk. So what? The most important thing is that everybody looks good, and if you look in the right places you can make that happen whether you pay $30 or $400.

Go Shopping with an Open Mind

If you can help it, don’t have a fixed idea on colour or style until you see what is out there.  Colour trends come and go.  What colours are in now will also be ‘in’ with shoes – so you are more likely to pick up a matching pair for the bridesmaid dresses if you shop with the current colours.

If you really can’t find what you like – have a look online – there are many huge places in both China and the US that specialize in bridesmaids gowns and shoes – and have different styles and colours to suit.  Get online with your gal pals and discuss what you would all like.

Look for Shoes and Accessories While Shopping for the Dress

One thing you shouldn’t overlook is the shoes and accessories for the bridesmaids. You really want them to match the dresses whenever possible, though it’s not the end of the world if they don’t. Most of the time, you’ll be able to ask a salesperson at the store for shoes in the same colour as the dresses you’ve chosen.  Let the accessories loosely match your own jewellery for the day.

The most important thing is having your friends stand beside you on the day!


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