Buying a Diamond Ring

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Buying a Diamond Ring

Hey ladies trying to get your partner to make that final step towards commitment? Or just want a pretty for your fingers or ears?  

Buying a Diamond Ring | Stay at Home MumThen print out this article and slyly leave it by the bedside table. It may just be the information he needs to step up and enter a jewellery store.

Buying a diamond is not as easy as it seems. However you don’t need to fear the jewellery store there are ways to get the best deal on a beautiful stone for the right price. Know what to do and what to look for with these golden rules for buying a diamond ring

Stay away from Jewellery Mega Marts

It may seem smart to head down to the local jewellery branch in your area and pick out a mass produced diamond ring, but let me give you one word of advice; don’t!

Jewellery chain shops make mass produced diamonds and most do not offer certification. There are stories of unscrupulous dealers ripping clients off by diamond swapping when they get their rings cleaned or resized. Stick with a local trusted jewel manufacturer or family run business who can design your diamond ring.  Ask the jeweller if they supply valuation and certification papers for the stone you will be purchasing.

They are the same price and you will actually get a diamond worth showing off to friends. Furthermore, local jewel manufacturers often have years in the business and will work in the client’s price range to ensure he/she is getting exactly what he/she pays for.

Get CertificationBuying a Diamond Ring | Stay at Home Mum

Diamonds are a tricky business which is why it’s so important to see proof that a diamond is actually worth the money. This comes in certification. Understand that rings are not certified- diamonds are. The best diamond certification companies include GIA and EGL. Look for a diamond manufacturer that carries these diamonds. For most, a diamond symbolizes a love and promise of togetherness- shouldn’t the diamond be of the best quality in a certain price range?

See the Ring in Actual Light

Another important thing to do when it comes to buying diamonds is to ask to see the diamond in a light outside the shop. Shops use a certain lighting system so that all rings sparkle. See it in true light before making a decision.

Check the Diamond with a Magnifying Glass

Have you jeweller show you the imperfections and flaws as well as the true colour and the clarity  with a magnifying glass.  Keep in mind that a perfect diamond will cost several thousands of dollars which is often out of most people’s price range.  The more imperfections, the cheaper the stone.

Know your 4 C’s

Everyone assumes that carat, or the true diamond weight, is the most important thing about a diamond. Furthermore, they assume the bigger the better. This is actually not the case at all. Most people will agree that cut, clarity and colour are actually more important than the size of the diamond. Consider it like this; would you rather have 2kg of bland spaghetti for dinner, or 200 grams of delicious mouth-watering spaghetti? Most people would pick the latter. This is the same when it comes to diamond. Bigger is not always better. Clarity- the diamond reflection-, cut- the depth of the diamond- and colour- the whiteness of the diamond are just, if not more, important.

Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring or simply looking for that perfect 10 year anniversary present, it is important to be informed on all aspects of diamond rings.

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