10 Unique Wedding Rings for Men

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10 Unique Wedding Rings for Men

There are no gold or silver plain wedding rings here – just 10 unique wedding rings for men that are outside the box!

In the past, poor men had no choice when it came to wedding rings.  Wedding ringsfor men were all gold or silver, plain and boring.  But now – that has certainly changed and there is a huge (and super cool) array of styles, unique metals and inlays that are just beautiful and timeless.

We go through 10 of the most unique wedding rings for men we could find – and most are under $300!

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Unique Men's Wedding Rings

We have gathered 25 of the most unique and dashing wedding bands for men. Here they are:

1. Tungsten Men’s Wedding Ring with Rose Gold

  • Size: 8mm
  • Cost: AU$204.62
  • Ships from Canada
  • Stockist

It’s bold looking, very masculine men’s wedding ring handmade in brushed gun-metal grey.  Unique in style!

Unique Men's Wedding Rings

2. Black Meteorite Men’s Wedding Ring

  • Size: Comes in a variety of sizes!
  • Cost: AU$269.23
  • Ships from Australia
  • Stockist

Made from tungsten, this beautiful men’s wedding band has a bevelled edge and is inlaid with simulation meteorite.  For a love that is ‘Out of this world’.

Unique Men's Wedding Bands

3. Oxidised Sterling Silver Men’s Wedding Band

  • Size: 5mm wide
  • Cost: AU$134.98
  • Ships from Australia
  • Stockist

This handmade men’s wedding band is made from silver that has been oxidized to give it this rustic finish. It has a very minimalist feel about it and the ring will continue to weather with time and wear.  Made from 100% recycled sterling silver – it is eco friendly too! All rings are made to order.

Unique men's wedding bands

4. Green Opal Tungsten Men’s Wedding Ring

  • Size: Variety of sizing
  • Cost: AU$242.77
  • Ships from Australia
  • Stockist

Get a wedding band that matches his eyes!  This ring is made from green opal, tungsten and koa wood.  Tungsten is extremely durable and strong – so it will last as long as your wedding vows! The stockist will even do custom engraving on the inside.

Green Opal Ring Tungsten Ring Men's Wedding Ring Real image 0

5. Blue Fire Opal Ring

  • Size: Multiple Sizes Available
  • Cost: AU$213.72
  • Ships from Australia
  • Stockist

This gorgeous ring made from tungsten features a brushed silver exterior and an inlaw of blue fire opal (to match his eyes) with flashes a kaleidoscope of blue and green.

Unique Wedding Bands for Men

6. Deer Antler and Copper Men’s Wedding Ring

  • Size: Multiple Sizes and widths Available
  • Cost: AU$199.99
  • Ships from Australia
  • Stockist

This supremely unique Deer Antler and Copper Men’s Wedding Ring is made from Australian Sambar Deer Antler and is inlaid with a single copper band.  Deer Antler is very strong and durable and is the perfect material for wedding rings.

Unique Men's Wedding Bands

7. Steampunk Tungsten Men’s Wedding Band

  • Size: Comes in a variety of sizing
  • Costs: AU$229.51
  • Ships from Australia
  • Stockists 

A Steampunk or Victorian Style Vintage Look ring made from Tungsten and features machinery gears – the perfect ring for the old fashioned gentleman!

Unique Wedding Bands for Men

8. Tantalum Wedding Ring in Dark Grey

  • Size: Multiple sizes available
  • Cost: AU$450.00
  • Ships from Australia
  • Stockist

Tantalum is a combination of platinum, silver, stainless steel, titanium and tungsten.  This ring is made to order and is available in two widths, 4mm and 7mm.

Unique Wedding Rings for Men

9. Concrete Men’s Wedding Band

  • Size: Various sizes and widths available
  • Cost AU$213.84
  • Ships from Argentina
  • Stockist

What? A concrete wedding ring?  If you thought that when you read this – you are not alone!  The inner layer of this ring is made from aged incense hardwood which has been stabilised for strength.  The wood is sanded and polished to enhance the grain.  The concrete has bevelled edges and is made to be tough and last.

Unique Men's Wedding Bands

10. Whiskey Barrel Men’s Wedding Ring

Made from an authentic whiskey barrel made from oak, this gorgeous Pine Tree Men’s wedding band is both beautiful and affordable!

Whiskey Barrel Ring  Pine Tree Forest Mens Wedding Band  image 1

All these beautiful men’s wedding rings are well deserved by your soon-to-be-husband. You just both have to choose well! 

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