Wedding Cake Alternatives

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Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding Cake Alternatives | Stay at Home MumIt is much more common that couples these days like to personalise their weddings and add some quirk or memorable moment.  If your heart is not set on the traditional tiered fruit cake covered in marzipan, then perhaps consider some of these alternative options:

Cupcake Stand

These are increasingly common at weddings and other celebrations. Usually you will see a small cake as the top tier (for the couple to cut) and then the lower tiers full of cupcakes.  Some of the benefits to this option include being able to have a number of different flavours, they are quick and easy to plate up, potentially a cheaper option as the venue will not charge a cake cutting fee, and they can even double as your bonbonniere as guests can take a cupcake home with them after the reception.

Candy Bar

Picture every child’s dream a buffet style candy bar.  You can use a number of fancy jars and fill with your favourite sweets like M&Ms, jelly beans, strawberries and cream, maltesers etc.  You could even pick lollies to fit with your colour scheme.  Have scoops for each jar and let your guests pick out their favourites.

Ice Cream Bar

Let your guests pick their favourite flavour of ice cream and then pick from a variety of toppings.  Yum yum!

Cafe Service

Hire a barista for the evening to make gourmet coffee for your guests.  Have different syrups available and a selection of cookies and biscotti.

Savoury Cheese Cake

Pick different sized wheels of cheese and put them on top of each other to give the appearance of a tiered wedding cake.  Serve with a variety of fine wines.Wedding Cake Alternatives | Stay at Home Mum

Mini Desserts

Have a platter served to each table with a variety of mini cakes, pastries and petit fours.

Chocolate Fondue F

Serve a communal dessert option for your guests.  Put a chocolate fondue fountain in the centre of each table and have platters filled with fruit and marshmallows for your guests to dip.

Belgium Waffle Bar

A similar concept to the ice cream bar except for waffles.  Offer your guests a variety of waffle toppings so they can make themselves the perfect dessert.

Make dessert one of the talking points at your wedding by picking one of the options above; your only problem will be picking which one to have!

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