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Wedding Dress on a Budget | Stay at Home MumWedding Dress on a Budget

When that big day arrives, your wedding dress needs to say it all. Here’s a woman with class, style, good taste, and just the right amount of money to get everything she deserves. But if you’ve been to any bridal stores recently, you know that a look like that can cost several thousand dollars – money you probably don’t have.

Shopping for a budget wedding dress is hard; you need to fine a fine balance between a lower price and a high quality cut of fabric – two things that rarely go hand in hand. The last thing you want is to look tacky or cheap on your wedding day, but you can avoid that without taking out a second mortgage on your home if you know how to look. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect wedding dress on a budget.

Look for Bargains

The best place to start is always with the bargains and sales at bridal stores. A lot of local stores will have an annual sale, so it helps to plan ahead. You can also try to find sample sales from the big wedding and bridal companies, though again these tend to be once-a-year type deals – usually in the Autumn. However, if you plan your wedding in advance and hunt around for upcoming sales before setting a final date, you can end up shaving a few hundred dollars off that price tag.

Buy a “Gently Used” or “Like New” Dress

Don’t turn your nose up at second hand dresses. After all, keep in mind that these dresses are usually only used once in their entire lifespan, so how much wear and tear can they really get? Look at consignment shops in your area and see what kind of selection they may have. Shops like this offer clothing for rock bottom pricing, but they still only allow the best items to go on their shelves. Just be careful when you go this route: Carefully inspect the entire dress for stains, smells, etc., ask about the store’s return policy (they should have one), and make sure the dress is discounted enough from the price of a new dress to make it worth it. Ideally, you should save at least 50% or more. This is a great way to get a designer dress for a budget price.

Wear Something Non Traditional

Women have been wearing the same basic wedding dress style for centuries, but it’s becoming more and more common these days to break out of that mold and go for something a little more modern. If you can’t find prices that suit you, leave the bridal stores and check out department stores and other locations. A sleek white or ivory coloured dress can make the perfect substitute for a frilly traditional wedding dress.

Ask a Relative

Finally, don’t be afraid to hit up the relatives for a wedding dress. Chances are your mother, aunt, or cousin still has the dress from their wedding, and they usually won’t mind lending it to you for your big day. Most people wear their wedding dress once and then stick it in a closet or up in the attic and forget about it. Make sure you ask the lender if you can alter it to fit your body or update it to suit.

Get a Dress Made Overseas

Got a picture of the dress of your dreams but just can’t afford it?  Why not see if you can have it made overseas.  There are many reputable manufacturers in China that can make your dress perfectly for a fraction of the price.  Shop around though – make sure they are reputable and use good quality materials.  You don’t want your dress to arrive a few days before the wedding and it’s not what your looking for!

Do you have any suggestions on how to save money on a wedding dress?  Let us know!

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