Wedding Receptions with a Difference

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Wedding Receptions with a Difference

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Every bride dreams about having the perfect, most unique wedding ever. This is a day when nothing plain or ordinary will do; it all has to be spectacular, splendid, and beautiful. However, if you’re planning your wedding on a budget it can be hard to get that sense of grandeur. The wedding reception is always one of the hardest parts of a wedding to pull off without spending a fortune. From the location to the party favors, the price tag can start to add up very quickly. Here are some budget friendly wedding receptions that can put a unique spin on your wedding and make it memorable to everyone who attends.

A Cruise

Hire a boat and take your reception on a floating reception!  The best thing about this type of wedding reception is that it is capped at  a certain time (eg 3 hours or 5 hours) and none of them can escape early (hehehe).  Most cruising receptions have a package deal with the food and wine and entertainment – in saying that cruising can be expensive….. So shop around for the right price!

Destination Wedding

This can be as cheap or as expensive as you like.  I have friends that hired a farm and erected tents and had the weekend there with all 100 guests camping over the weekend. Of course there is the usual Fiji wedding which is just as lovely and if you negotiate a group rate – you could get a fabulous wedding at a great price!

Cocktail Party

Cocktail Parties are a great alternative to a formal reception – and they can save you a BOMB!  Have no formal seating (but have places for people to sit) and mingle.  Cocktail Parties are always fabulous if you are overlooking a view, so perhaps try a Yacht Club or a roof top garden.  Just make sure you state on the invitation ‘finger food only’ so that your guests know not to expect a three course meal.

Hire a Beautiful Home

A good friend of mine booked out a six bedroom mansion overlooking the ocean for the weekend.  All the guests that stayed at the actual house helped pay for the cost (they would have paid for accommodation anyway) and the wedding reception was held on the roof overlooking the lights of Maroochydore.  She hired caterers that used the kitchens in the home – and it was a beautiful, intimate wedding that came in very reasonably priced!

A Bonfire for Outdoor Receptions

In the interests of saving money, a lot of wedding receptions are now being held in outdoor locations, sometimes even your own backyard. If your venue allows it, you can build a bonfire with a nearby table holding marshmallows and roasting sticks. Dancing is always fun, but sometimes your guests may just want to do something else on the side. A bonfire offers the perfect distraction.  A bonfire on the beach would be just gorgeous too – but make sure you seek permission from the local authorities first!

Something Even More Left of Centre

I actually heard on the radio just the other day of a bride and groom that took their whole reception to a rock concert for the night! The Herd in fact!  Wow!

Have you heard of any more unusual yet wonderful wedding receptions? Let us know!


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