Would You “I Do” Again?

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Would You “I Do” Again?

Wouldn’t it be romantic to get married all over again? The renewing of vows is becoming extremely popular, not just with celebrities but with us normal folk, too. It’s hardly surprising that couples are signing up to do it again when it was so ridiculously exciting the first time around.

Declaring your love

There are a million reasons that you might decide to renew your vows. Maybe you are celebrating a milestone anniversary, such as 10 or 25 years of marriage and want to mark the event by publicly declaring your love for each other all over again. Or it could be you got hitched on a whim without your friends and family being there so it could be the perfect opportunity to bring them all together. Some people take the decision to renew their vows when they have come through a difficult patch in their marriage or for some couples it could be because they have been struck with some tragic news, such as a serious illness. Whatever the reason, it’s never too early or late in your marriage to invite your nearest and dearest to celebrate your union again.

To say I do… again

All that formality and tradition of a wedding gets thrown out the window when you are renewing your vows. Hooray! There is no need for an officiant because, of course, you are already married. You can choose anyone you desire to ‘marry’ you. You might choose your great aunt or your best mate but whoever gets the gig make sure it’s someone who is special to the both of you. And what vows do you read the second time around? Some couples choose to replicate their vows from their wedding day but some choose to rewrite new and personalised ones.Would You I Do Again

Getting the kids involved

What a fantastic opportunity for your kids to be a part of a day that is all about their parents. Keeping your kids involved and giving them a role in the special occasion is incredibly important. If they are younger then have them hold the rings or be a bridesmaid or groomsmen. If they are older then ask them to do a reading or have them walk you down the aisle. The renewal of vows can be the perfect time to not only declare your love to each other but to your whole family, especially your kids.

Where can you renew your vows?

The location for your vow renewal could be a place that is personal to the both of you. Maybe your perfect spot is your favourite stretch of coastline, your local pub, an idyllic spot in the bush, or maybe you want to return to where you first exchanged your vows. We all love a good party but what kind of celebration is appropriate the second time around? Well, there is no right or wrong answer. Maybe you want to treat your guests to a sit down meal or you might just want a simple barbie on the beach. Just keep it simple as there is no need for a lavish affair.

Attire for the day

Do you think you could squeeze back in your wedding dress? If your husband can dust off his suit, too, then you might want a repeat performance of your outfits from the day you were married. Many couples choose to wear a new outfit, such as a formal gown for her and a special suit for him. There is no need for the veil to come out of the box, a nice flower or an elegant clip can glam up your hair for the occasion. You might want to include your original wedding guests in the renewal of your vows for sentimental reasons. But it’s probably unnecessary to dress them up to nines, as you would have done on your wedding day keep it simple this time around. And one other pointer, make it clear to guests that they don’t have to buy a gift. All you want is their presence, not their presents.

Are you thinking of renewing your vows and why? Have you seen a loved one renew their vows?




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