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Breaking News:  Shannon White Arrested for Murder

The Step-mother of four year old Willow Dunn, the little girl with Down Syndrome who was found dead in her cot after allegedly dying from neglect, has been arrested and charged with her murder.

Her stepmother Shannon White has been arrested.

Willow Dunn’s step-mother, Shannon White

Shannon Leigh White was taken into custody and is expected to face court today. Her partner, Mark Dunn, Willow’s father has already been charged with her murder.

Willow Dunn was found dead and decomposing in her cot in her Brisbane home last week.  The little girl was left to starve and had extensive injuries that supported sustained mistreatment.  Her body had evidence it had been partially consumed by rats.

When Mark Dunn was arrested for her murder last week, there was an outcry in Australia that Willow’s stepmother hadn’t also been arrested for her neglect.

Willow’s biological mother Naomi Dunn, died of complications after Willow’s birth.  Shannon White is believed to be Naomi’s best friend who soon after her death began a relationship with Mark Dunn.

It was previously reported that Shannon White had told police officers that she didn’t want anything to do with the girl because she was not her biological child.

We will keep you updated on the case.

Willow Dunn was found dead in her Brisbane home.


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