Having a Rough Day? Remember, You’re Already Awesome

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Having a Rough Day? Remember, You’re Already Awesome

Having a rough day? Can’t see the woods for the trees? Need a pick me up while you drink you thrice-reheated coffee? Well here at SAHM we want to tell you that you. are. AWESOME!! Let us count the ways”¦

Nerves Of Steel

You suck up your own terror at bugs, dislike of slime and repulsion at bodily fluids and just muck in to motherhood. Previous experience with blood and vomit not necessary you’ll learn on the job.

Psychic Ability

You know how to deal with a crisis because there is a crisis at every turn with small people. Baby just vomited on you as you were about to walk outside for a job interview? Child needs a diorama for school, today, and forgot? Need money for an excursion? You’re the one taking a deep breath and dealing rather than losing your shiznik or updating Facebook.

You have a spidey sense that means you know when the husband will be home (in about 5 minutes so make it look like you’ve been working all day!), know when the kids are up to mischief even without any telltale noises, and know just when the baby is about to roll off the bed.

You know where everything in the whole world (aka your house, car, school bags and backyard) is and can remember where something is, even if it’s been unneeded for more than 3 months. You are always surprised that others (such as your husband or the seeker themselves) can’t.

You know when the soap is about to give its last bath, when you can no longer squeeze toothpaste out of the tube, and who needs new shoes. Or will need them in the near future. Your logistic and supply management would put a armed forces supply officer to shame

Entertainer On Cue

You could read a Chinese takeaway menu to a 3 year old like it was the most amazing, engrossing bedtime story. Your ability to be all the voices in the Three Little Pigs, do a fair impersonation of terror in Little Red Riding Hood and have all the sound effects down pat for Where The Wild Things Are, could put some voice actors to shame.

Neverending Affection

You are a bottomless cup of tender loving sympathy. Oldest child crying because they bit their arm? Baby disappointed that the duck doesn’t fit in the cup? Naw let me kiss it better.

You know the power of sometimes saying yes yes to jumping in puddles, yes to breakfast for dinner, yes to a chocolate at the checkout and yes to sleeping with you. Sometimes there is an astounding amount of love and power in those 3 little letters

You have the patience of a saint, and know that motherhood means doing things over and over with love and fortitude. Your mantra is ” breathe in with the frustration, out with the love” and you do it with a smile. Or knowing that a glass of wine is just a few hours away.

Human GPS/Siri and Google Rolled Into One

You can navigate like Matthew Flinders while also keeping time like a marching band leader.

Your time management skills are legendary and some suspect you really can be in two places at once.

You can translate rather respectably from toddler to adult, from toddler to toddler and most impressively from non-parent adult into toddler!

You have the answer to the time immemorial statement of “I’m hungry / There’s nothing to eat” “Here, have a drink of water, a carrot / banana / apple” knowing that it’s code for needing a reconnect or something to do because kids never want to eat boring food.

You have a safety pin on your key ring, a postage stamp in your wallet, and paracetamol and a sticking plaster in your handbag.

Work Like A Machine

You survive on less quality sleep than is probably humanly possible. You give up, lovingly if not willingly, unbroken restful sleep for 18+ years. Once babyhood is passed, night terrors stalk the dreams of primary schoolers, then homework and teenage angst ruins sleep and then you’re being chauffeur, curfew manager and listening board well into their 20s.

You know how to reuse, recycle, reinvent, repurpose and read Pinterest, Google and Facebook so you can do something that others don’t think of.

You have magic fingers that can tease bubblegum out of hair, untie the most stubbornly tied shoelace and open a juice box without spilling a drop. You have balance and poise bred through balancing a tantruming pre-schooler on your hip while opening the door to the car with three bags of groceries on your arm. You can squat with a 10kg baby on your back!

All in all, these are the ways that you might be awesome in the eyes of your kids and family. They aren’t going to know it all or see it all until the moment has passed. So let’s celebrate mums everywhere and say thanks to ours.

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