5 Tricks To Get Yourself Into Saving Money Now!

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  • 5 Tricks To Get Yourself Into Saving Money Now!

Saving money has always been a part of everyone’s New Year’s resolution, but by the end of the year, it’s almost always the most ignored goal.

It usually tops everyone’s list come New Year, but saving money is not for everyone. So if you really suck at saving money, but would really, really, want to, here are our 5 tricks to get yourself into saving money today!

1. Want to buy something? Sleep on it.

You might want to wait for a day or two and sleep on it first to see if you really need it. If it’s a want, the urge to buy will most likely fade away.

2. Save your coins or change.

Those loose coins are there for a reason — to be saved! Before you know it, those will grow to one huge amount.

3. Try to save a certain amount each day or week.

Challenge yourself to save a certain amount every day or every week. It depends on you how much you’ll save as long as you can sustain it until the end of the year.

4. Don’t spend your raises.

If you get a raise, treat it as your savings. If you have survived well enough with your paycheck before getting the raise, most probably, you’ll still do after your raise.

5. Reward yourself (sometimes) to remain motivated.

If you’ve met your goal for the month, for example, you can reward yourself just enough for you to stay motivated. Don’t splash out on things that would just make saving money go down the drain.

So, the next time you think about spending your money, remember these tricks to make sure you’ll not go back to square one.

What are your tricks to get yourself into saving money?


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