My Local BOQ Branch

BOQ is keeping up with what the customers want, actually in the bank, online and social media.  With all the hype about banks trying to be liked BOQ actually lives up to their statement, it isn’t just a campaign to them. This is the Bank Managers life and his business relies on the community to support them.

I am a an online banking person, but sometimes I do need to actually go down to the bank for some reason!  I love that I can walk into the bank when I need to, and I don’t have to wait an eternity to be served. There is always a smiling face behind the counter and because they are local I actually catch up on some of the things happening in our community. The staff do not rush you, but are happy to chat and process my requests so I know that I am not just a number to them.

Reasons why I love my BOQ:

My local Gympie Branch is the closest branch to me, and these are the reasons I love my local branch so much!

  • The Branch Manager Jelina lives just up the road from me and her mobile number is on the side of her car – so I can contact her whenever I like and get the Manager direct. She is a born and bred Gympie local, so that means trust to me.
  • My good friend Bruce Devereaux from Big Family, Little Income works there!
  • It is right in the middle of town, so good easy access and an external ATM right next to the Chinese Shop that doesn’t have Eftpos!
  • I know personally most the people that work there, Leslie plays in the local Touch Football Team, I used to live next door to Corinne and the staff know me by name when I walk in there.
  • I love the fact they employ locals, one of us.  Giving jobs to local people means so much to my community.

With the online banking I can even apply for credit cards, loans and accounts all at my finger tips, I love it! If I am having trouble with something their online help is amazing, when I am having a blonde moment they don’t make me feel like it is a chore to have walk me through step by step!

With BOQ being on Facebook it is like having a friend that you can contact whenever you like. It is more the fact that BOQ is willing to go that extra mile and make you feel like you are part of their banking family. BOQ is also on twitter. The Bank sends out tweets about what they are doing and constantly updating to keep us customers happy which is a full time job in itself.



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