10 Best Student Laptops for School and University

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10 Best Student Laptops for School and University

Got to Buy a Laptop for School or Uni and Don’t Know Where to Start?

Then start right here. Here are the Best Student Laptops for the Best Price!

Choosing a student laptop can be tricky and honestly, sometimes understanding the specs is like deciphering a secret code. If your child, teenager, university student or even yourself if you are a mature age student like me, is in need of a laptop for the new school year then you’re in luck because we have put together the ultimate laptop buying guide for you.

10 Best Student Laptops for School and University | Stay at Home Mum

What to Consider When Buying a Student Laptop

A laptop is not a cheap purchase so it is important to do your research first, there is nothing worse than spending a fortune on a computer only to realise later that it is not capable of doing what you need it too. Back in the day of CD-ROMs, I bought a laptop for a course that I was doing, I only realised a few months into my studies that it didn’t have a disk drive so I couldn’t access any of the information that I needed, it was an expensive lesson but now I make sure I check everything before I make my choice.
Before you start shopping around there are a few things to consider:

What Is The Primary Use for the Laptop?

What does the laptop need to do? If it is for a university course what subjects will it be used for? For example, if it is for a design course you may require a touch screen with a stylus for drawing. What software will the laptop be using? A lot of engineering and design courses use AutoCad which comes with its own special requirements.

If the laptop is for a primary school student then the laptop may only need to do the bare minimum, running Microsoft Word etc.  Your school or university should provide you with a spec sheet or similar for the computer requirements the student will need.

Your Budget:

How much do you actually want to spend on a laptop?  For primary school and early high school – there isn’t any point in purchasing an expensive laptop – no only can they get damaged, ruined or stolen (you know what kids are like) – but laptops really will have a life of about three years before they become obsolete.

You can purchase a perfectly good budget laptop for students for under $500.

If $500 is out of your budget – have a look at our section on refurbished laptops – a great way to get a great laptop at a fantastic price!

Does Your School Have Specific Requirments?

While laptop requirements for primary school students are generally pretty straight forward, highschool requirements maybe a little trickier to navigate. Check what software your teen will need to use for each subject and where the laptop will be stored, if it will be in their school bag being thrown around all day then you may need to look at more durable models.

Is The Software Compatible with What the School or University Uses?

For most students, Microsoft Windows is an essential program so it is important to make sure that the laptop you choose is compatible and has these programs installed. While a variety of laptops come with Microsoft Windows built-in, Apple products run on macOS however, you can add Windows to them as well. Chromebooks are generally not compatible with Microsoft Windows.

Core Processing Unit (CPU)

The Core Processor unit is essentially the brain of the laptop. A laptop with a powerful CPU will be able to do more complex tasks and run faster so it may suit university students more but children who are mainly using their laptop for Microsft Windows, and exploring the internet will be fine with a less powerful CPU.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Not having enough RAM makes it hard to complete even the simplest tasks on a laptop. A decent laptop will run efficiently on 4GB of RAM but 8GB is even better and then for the more expensive models you should expect at least 166GB.


How will the files be stored? Will they be stored on the cloud, on a hard drive or on the laptop itself? If you are planning on storing all of your files on the laptop then you may want to consider a laptop with SSD (solid-state drive) storage, this will also help it run faster.


What size screen is required? If your university student is doing graphics or photo editing then they may require a larger screen. Also consider the weight and dimensions of the laptop you are purchasing, will it fit in your child’s backpack? Is it too heavy for them to carry around all day?

Battery Life

If your student needs to use their laptop all-day and does not have access to power in class to charge it then you may need to consider choosing one with greater battery life. Laptop batteries vary but after a complete charge, they should last between 1 to 10 hours, though some of the more expensive ones can last as long as 18 hours.

Other Things to Consider:

  • Is the laptop lightweight to carry around with them?
  • What operating systems are required?
  • Do you need accessories with the laptop?

The All-Round Best Basic Back to School Laptop:

The ASUS 14″ E410 Full HD Laptop E410MA-EKO26T

It is only a SUPER CHEAP $488 but only for a limited time.  This has no bells and whistles, but it will do everything your student will need it to do without spending a fortune.  It is currently on sale (usually $598) at Catch.

This student laptop is light, compact and designed to be moved around all the time (tick, tick tick for students).  It has plenty of storage and is quick enough for your student to also enjoy their entertainment channels.

Best Student Laptops

Best Discount Everyday Student Laptops Under $500:

These are the laptops that are designed for both primary school and high school – they have all the basic features, but no specific high-tech add-ons.  They aren’t particularly powerful but they are great for all the basic tasks and applications a student will need.  Best of all – most of them (except one) are under $500.00.

At a basic level – these laptops will:

  • Browse the internet
  • Send and receive emails
  • Have Microsoft pre-programmed
  • Video Streaming

Here are our picks!

  1. Lenovo 15.6″ V145 81MTOO5CAU Notebook $548
  2. HP 15.6″ 250 G7 2F1X8PA Notebook $628
  3. ASUS 14″ E410 Full HD Laptop $468
  4. HP Laptop 14-ck2025TU $449

On top of this – to get the best deals – look at:

  • The best online deal sites 
  • Take advantage of any student or school discounts offered
  • Retailers selling discontinued laptops
  • Consider a refurbished laptop (see the next paragraph for details!)

Where to Buy a Cheap Laptop | Stay at Home Mum

Consider a Refurbished Laptop For a Really Good Deal;

There are many companies that are now providing excellent refurbished laptops online that will be more than suitable for a student.  They do sell quickly though – we have listed where you can find the latest ones here:

What to look for in a refurbished laptop?

Make sure you look at a refurbished laptop that still has a warranty (at least 12 months).  Any imperfections or problems should be outlined in the description.  Look for an A-Grade Refurbished unit to get the very best laptop you can!

Ten Of The Best Laptops On The Market Today

1. HP 250 G7 15.6″ Celeron 3867U 4GB RAM 128GB SSD Win 10 Home Laptop

  • Best for Primary School and Early High School Students

The HP 250 G7 15.6″ Celeron 3867U 4GB RAM 128GB SSD Win 10 Home Laptop is a great option for students who are not completing onerous tasks. It has a 2 x USB ports and an HDMI port, making it great for presentations or sharing information. Plus it is under $500 – so pretty well priced for a laptop.

  • CPU: Intel Celeron 3867U processor
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 128GB SSD
  • Display: 15.6″
  • Size: 37.6 x 2.25 x 24.6cm
  • Weight: 1.78kg
  • Price: $699.00
  • Best Price: Kogan

Best Student Laptop

 2. ASUS 14″ E410 Full HD Laptop E410MA-EK007TS

  • Best for early high-school students
  • $468.00

A good all-round laptop that is easy on the hip pocket ($468) and has everything your student will need, and nothing they won’t.

  • Monitor is a 14″ Display
  • Processor: Intel Core Celeron N4020 Dual Core (4M Cache, 1.1-2.8GHz)
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 600
  • Memory: 4GB Ram

Buy it from Catch

Best Student Laptops

3. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 13.5″ (256GB, i5, 8GB RAM, Black) – AU/NZ Model

  • Best for University Students

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is perfect for running more sophisticated software. This computer would be great for students studying design or engineering.

CPU: Intel Core i5-1035G7 Processor

  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB
  • Display: 13.5″
  • Size: 308 x 223 x 14.5mm
  • Weight: 1.28kg
  • Price: $1,759.00
  • Best Price: Kogan

Best Student Laptops

 4. ASUS 14″ Eeebook N5000 Laptop E410MA-BV190TS

Price: $549.00

  • With a N5000 Intel Pentium Processor, 1.1GHz (4M Cache up to 2.7 Ghz)
  • Graphics: Intel UDH Graphics 605
  • Wireless Integrated Wifi 5 (802.aa ac)
  • Storage: 128GB eMMC

This is a fantstic laptop for the price!

Buy it cheap at Catch

Best Student Laptops

Whether you choose a base model or a higher end laptop, it is a good idea to get at least a 1-year warranty just in case. It is also wise to invest in some good anti-virus protection software as kids often don’t know what they are clicking on. If you are unable to find a brand-new laptop within your price range, Kogan and Catch also offer refurbished computers with a grading system to help you understand the condition of the machine.

Here’s to a great school year with an awesome new laptop!

10 Best Student Laptops for School and University | Stay at Home Mum

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