Gain Control of Your Finances

When faced with financial hardship it can impact your entire life and be difficult to gain control of your finances.  Your relationship may suffer; your social life will suffer; and your emotional state can suffer as well. If you feel like your finances are getting out of control, then we can help you gain control of your finances.  Below are some ways to get a better grip on your financial situation.

Add it Up

What’s coming in? What’s going out? Make a list of everything, and I mean, everything. Once you know what these numbers are, you will have a better idea of just how much you are saving each month, or how much you are getting behind. Often we don’t know until the number is right in front of us. Download our Budgeting Spreadsheet to help – it’s FREE when you sign up to our newsletter. 

Keep the Change

Make it a habit of placing your small change in a jar at the end of the day. Keep saving your change until the jar is full. A 600 ml coke can filled with two dollar coins will add up to $1000. You can use this money for emergencies or as a reward when the jar is filled.

Shop Smart

This doesn’t mean just in the shops. It means with everything, especially things like insurance and electrical providers. How much are you spending on bills each year? You could easily save hundreds by shopping around. Yes, it may take an afternoon to make the calls and switch things around but it could be worth it. No one wants to pay more than they have to for things like insurance.

When It’s Time to See Someone:

Keep in mind that if you are faced with extreme debt, with the change of a home foreclosure or with severe emotional stress due to your financial situation, then there are financial resources and experts that can help. Make an appointment to speak to a debt consolidator or speak to your bank about what is happening.




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