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  • Finally..An App That Makes Collecting Money Fast and Easy!

Can I get a virtual hands up if you’ve ever been owed money from a group of friends, family or colleagues and felt awkward asking to be paid back by them individually? 🙋

Enter PayK.

It’s the new group payment app I recently discovered that’s been making my social life so much easier. And it’s 100% free – no surprise transaction fees!

The PayK app allows you to collect group payments with anyone for anything, which was super handy the last school holidays when I took my daughter and her three friends to the Royal Show (yes, my house is still full of show bag lollies).

I usually cover everyone’s costs (entry, lunch and showbags) for my kids and their friends and then the mums will give me cash later — which is instantly flung into my bag to be lost among the myriad of random objects. But, this time we used PayK which made paying each other back simple and stress free.

Best of all, we could all keep track of who has and hasn’t paid.

Here’s why you’ll love PayK:

It’s less life admin: You don’t have to share bank details ever again because PayK lets your group of friends pay you back quickly and easily with their linked bank details. 

It does the bugging for you. I don’t know about you, but sometimes collecting money can be awkward (I even know some who’ve ended friendships over it). This app will send reminders to your friends to “chip in” so you don’t have to send the uncomfortable message again. 

You can collect money upfront for group payments and as the host, you can withdraw the group amount to your bank account in increments or as a lump sum once everyone’s paid. This keeps things nice and clean in your bank statement. No more rummaging to try and find everyone’s contributions!

I can already think of three upcoming events (a friend’s baby shower, the school mum’s lunch and of course the beloved end of year teacher’s gift) where I’ll be using PayK to collect money from other parents, friends and family.

PayK have also given me a code STAHM20 for the first 20 of you to receive a free $20 credit in your PayK group. To redeem the offer, all you need to do is download the app, set up a group and invite 3 friends to join PayK. Valid until the 31st of October!

PayK is available to download on iOS and Android only.

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