Australia’s Cheapest Mobile and Data Plans

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Australia’s Cheapest Mobile and Data Plans

My last mobile bill was embarrassingly large…..

So big I’m ashamed to write down the figure. In a bid to justify that cost (even to you), I do use it for work A LOT, and I also use my phone to play Song Pop because – it is Song Pop and I freaking rock at 90’s music quizzes!

So, if you’re like me, you should get the best deals in your mobile and data plans so you can use your phone for all the things you love, without getting a fright when the bill arrives! There are plenty of good and cheap mobile data plans available. 

Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans | Stay at Home Mum

These are the cheapest mobile and data plans I could find on the internet. Now they won’t suit everyone because some don’t come with much data (and some of us need that) – but some (like the Kogan or many from Southern Phone) is pretty darn good in both areas. I think if you are purchasing a mobile phone for a teenager, plans like these below would be brilliant or for parents who aren’t super tech-savvy.

Save some money and shop around! It’s the same product at the end of the day.

1. Southern Phone

Southern Phone offers both mobile plans and sim only plans – depending on your usage!  More of an ‘All-Inclusive’ phone provider – they offer bundle deals on your internet, home phone (if you have or want one) – mobile phone (if you want a new handset) and Data Usage.  They also have cheap plans depending on whether you are on the NBN or ADSL network. They often have cheap mobile phone plans and most times are unbeatable.

SIM Only Plans from Southern Phone:

Here is a list of Southern Phone’s offerings for SIM-only plans over a 12 month period (valid until the 30th July 2020)

Southern Phone SIM Only Plans | Stay at Home Mum



SIM-Only Month to Month Plans from Southern Phone:

If locking into a 12-month plan isn’t for you – they also have SIM-only plans that are month to month.  Prices start from $20 per month.

Southern Phone Sim Only Month to Month Plans | Stay at Home Mum


View Plans

2. Kogan Mobile

Kogan Mobile offers a range of pre-paid plans – either 90 days or 365-day plans.

Here are their best offerings:

Best Kogan Mobile Deals | Stay at Home Mum

3. amaysim

Best Deal: 55GB for just $15 on your first renewal! Ongoing is 55GB for just $40/28 days.

  • Cost per Month: $10.00
  • Initial Cost: $10.00
  • Plan Inclusions: Unlimited Calls and Text
  • Data Inclusion: 1GB

4. Pennytel

I personally had not heard of Pennytel until I started doing research on cheap mobile phone plans.  Pennytel is a network provider through the Telstra Network that sell mobile plans with no lock in contracts.

Pennytel | Stay at Home Mum


5. Telechoice

Telechoice is a customer of Telstra Wholesale.

Best Deal: SIM Plan with 18GB Data at $48 per month

SIM Plan (Month to Month – No Contract)

  • Cost per Month: $18.00
  • Initial Cost: There is a $15 sign up fee if you sign up in person at a Telstra Store, but this fee is waived if you sign up online.
  • Plan Inclusions: Unlimited standard national calls, SMS and MMS
  • Data Inclusion: 2GB

Or you can choose the 12-month contract SIM Plan:

  • Cost per month: $16.00
  • Initial Cost: $216.00 over 12 months
  • Plan Inclusions: unlimited standard national calls, SMS and MMS
  • Data Inclusion: 2GB

6. Optus

Best Deal: $10 SIM Starter Kit with 15GB Data when you activate on the Prepaid Ultimate Plus until March 28, 2018

  • Cost per month: $10
  • Initial Cost: $10
  • Plan Inclusions: Unlimited talk and text
  • Data Inclusion: 500MB
Screenshot 4 1 | Stay at Home

7. Spintel

Best Deal: Pay only $23.95 per month with 6GB Data

  • Cost per month: $9.95
  • Initial Cost: Plan price and once off $10 SIM activation fee
  • Plan Inclusions: 200 minutes plus unlimited texts
  • Data Inclusion: 1.5GB

8. Boost

Best Deal: Pay only $15 with 5GB Data until March 26, 2018 or get 15GB for $40

  • Cost per month: $10
  • Initial Cost: $10
  • Plan Inclusions: Unlimited call and text
  • Data Inclusion: 1GB
Screenshot 6 | Stay at Home

So, which is your favourite mobile and data plan provider?

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