6 Important Decisions To Make If You Want To End the Paycheque-to-Paycheque Cycle

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4. Cook your own meals and eat at home

We at SAHM promote cooking and making our own meals because eating out is extremely expensive. Most times, homemade even tastes better!

How to End the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle | Stay At Home Mum
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Meal planning as a replacement to buying lunch every day will save you so much


Vastly cut unnecessary expenses. Stopped eating out


I seriously stopped eating out for lunch and saved about $300 a month!


This. I looked at my spending and realized that food was by far my biggest expense aside from rent. Cooking your own lunches can be healthier and way cheaper.


Pack your own breakfast and lunch! A pack of bagels is much better than paying $2.00 per bagel, and also bring your own instant coffee if you don’t have a machine at work. Stop spending on those 1 or 2 cups a day because they add up.


It may sound small, but some years back for the most part I stopped ordering soda at restaurants and anywhere else I ate out at, in favor of water. Savings doing that, really add up so much over time. And my stomach feels so much better, without drinking HFCS soda.

ETA For those still struggling with this, switching to drinking any carbonated water (including LaCroix) would be a good first step to cutting back on soda consumption. Once I did that, cutting back on soda was very easy to do.


 5. Look for extra income

If you really need more money, look for a side gig or start a small business at home. The more work you have, the more tired you are. All you’ll think about is eat and sleep and you’ll have less or no time to buy anything!

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Find extra money. Sell crap you don’t use. Do online surveys (I make around $80/month doing online surveys, and I complete them at work when I’m already being paid in the first place). Find a small business and offer to manage their social media. Write resumes for people. Edit people’s assignments. Walk dogs. Clean windows. Just do one of these things.


You need to budget,look for alternative money. If you are choosing between rent and heat you have some serious thinking to do on your situation,If you are choosing between eating in a restaurant and grocery shopping you have some impulse spending to curb. Collecting Cans, selling things you can make ,part time work. take advantage of a skill you have to supplement your paycheque.


The Dave Ramsey approach works. A rice and beans lifestyle followed up with “the only place to go when you are broke is to work”.

Lower your bills and raise your income. It’s just like losing weight, the idea is simple, less calories more exercising. It’s the discipline that’s the hard part.


6. Treat yo’self! (in moderation)

Depriving yourself will only cause you further stress and fatigue. Treat yo self! But in moderation.

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If you’re completely broke as fuck, then find the one (relative) luxury a day you can afford and want to keep, and then chip away at the rest.

There are thousands of ways to work on earning more money, or spend less. He biggest factor is exhaustion. Decision fatigue is real, and leads to bad choices. As much as possible, engineer to make changes the easiest option.

It’s awful the first while, but pack up food on your day off for the rest of the week. Take the thinking out so later, when you’re too tired to think, the work is already done. Once you get a breath of air, find something else like this to do again.

The easiest one to start with is deciding what your one nice thing is – then when you’re wondering whether or not to get something, you know, you want the ability to get a cheap hot dog between shifts, that thing is amazing and is the only way to get through a fourteen hour day.

Practicing Stoicism or DBT helps too, because being poor is a mental fight almost as much as a physical one. It’s goddamn exhausting. Being kind to yourself about that is a good idea, and finding ways to be able to cope is fantastic.

Hope this helps!


I hope this helps!

Do you know more effective tips on how to end the paycheque-to-paycheque cycle?

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