Add up the Savings

Add Up the Savings

Great Money Saving Idea submitted by Sylvia Roberts!

I’ve not long ago discovered a new secret to saving and can’t wait to share it with you all. I’d been racking my brain for ages trying to work out ways to save and had (what I think) was a pretty darn good idea. So far it’s been working wonderful and I’ve saved the better side of $1000 within just a few months. Anyone interested? Being a single mum I don’t want to return to full time work. So….

Every… time I finish shopping now (I love grocery specials) I check the bottom of all my receipts to discover how much I’ve saved (ie TOTAL SAVED: $30.15….most stores incl. this) by buying items on sale. But instead of just leaving it there, I decided every $ I saved I would put into a money box (ie total $80, total saved $30.15). Same goes with everything now ie my 11yr old is happy for me to clip his hair so every time I clip it, I throw in the $19 it would’ve cost me at the hairdresser.

Today I had a haircut (and normally have my roots re-coloured at the same time – hate greys lol) but this time instead of getting the roots touched up I decided to only get them done every second time -12 weeks instead of 6 (saving another $45 every 12 weeks) so when I got home, straight into the money box went the $45.

Now I do it for everything (my daughter dropped out of guitar – after 2 terms she decided it wasn’t for her – usually they have to complete the entire season/year (I believe they need to learn commitment) but this one time I made an exception (she was really struggling and did not like it) and so the normal $72+/term it costs me, went straight into the savings.

Now even the kids get into it, checking my dockets and trying the same thing when they buy their gifts etc. It’s truly amazing how much fun it is and every so often we take the money out and count it together/bank it, working out how much we still need for our holiday or whatever we are saving for.

It’s amazing how much we can really save when we try.

Well Done Sylvia!!!  Got another great money saving tip to share? Email it to [email protected]!



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