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Cheapest and Best Mobile Plans for Teenagers

Whether your teenager has a pre-paid phone, or is on a plan with or without data, you don’t want them going crazy and charge up a $30,000 phone bill from texting their mates.  You want both a cheap and good mobile plan that covers what they need, and nothing else!

Cheapest and Best Mobile Plans for Teenagers | Stay at Home Mum

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile come highly recommended from multiple Money Saving Facebook Pages.  Boost offer 12 month prepaid sims with 80gb and unlimited talk/text Inc.  You can bring over your old mobile number, there is no lock ins and the plans are simple and flexible.

They also have simple prepaid plans:

Boost Mobile also offer refurbished phones (perfect for teenagers) starting from $379 with a 12 month warranty.


Belong offers a small 1GB Plan for only $10 per month. However the reviews on Belong isn’t fantastic…

Ovo Australia

Ovo Australia have a selection of cheap pre-paid plans including one especially for kids:

They also have a selection of refurbished phones from $220 with 12 months warranty.

We are adding new plans all the time to this article – so check back as sales and specials will change the pricing!

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