How to Save Money TODAYEasy ways to help tighten your money belt - TODAY!

Sometimes, we just need to pull our belts in immediately.

We might get a big unexpected bill, or Christmas is coming up and there isn’t much surplus cash, a member of your family could have been ill — there are a number of reasons. SAHM compiled a few awesome but highly doable tips on how to save money today, right now!

1. Think Before You Bin!

Don’t throw out your old egg cartons, milk containers, or plastic cups etc. Save them for a rainy day and they can be used for craft activities for the kids. Craft items can be really expensive to buy and often, items at home are just as good. A simple google search of kids’ craft activities and your recycled items could provide hours of completely free fun.

2. Put Off a Haircut and Colour for a Week

If you put off a haircut for a week or two (if you can) every time, you can save the cost of up to two haircuts and colours a year. That’s a saving of up to $300!

3. Extend Your Food Shopping by ONE Day

Very similar to the haircut suggestion. If you put off your food shopping by a single day every week, after seven weeks, you will have the equivalent of a week’s shop in surplus in your account. This would be perfect to use for something special for Christmas or even better, add it to your mortgage! For example, if you shop weekly and say you went on a Monday this week, stretch it out 8 days until Tuesday next week, then Wednesday the week after etc. Use whatever you have left in the fridge and pantry to make your meals, get the kids to use toilet paper if you’ve run out of tissues and bulk up the dig’s dinner with the last of the getting-stale bread instead of dashing out to buy biscuits.

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