How to Save Money TODAYEasy ways to help tighten your money belt - TODAY!

4. Have a Progressive Dinner

Got a special birthday or occasion coming up? Rather than going out to an expensive restaurant, why not have a progressive dinner! It’s great fun to do and can save a fortune. If you all wanted to have a drink or two, make sure the local Maxi Taxi knows about what’s going on, or better yet, plan your progressive dinner with friends who live within walking distance or ask a couple of partners to be designated drivers as a gift to you. So if you have a friend that makes wonderful entrees, have entrees at their house and make sure to leave desserts for the one who loves to bake.

5. Start a Money Box

Either wash out a two-litre bottle or invest in a cheap money box (the $2 stores quite often have them) and start putting all your extra change or even your gold coins in the money box EVERY TIME. Decide beforehand what the money is to be spent on and write it on the bottle or tin for inspiration. You would be surprised how quickly it adds up! Two litres of Coke bottles make for a great money box and if you only add $2 coins, it can hold a whopping $5,000 worth!

6. Clean Out Your Junk

Get a few neighbours together and have a garage sale at the same time. It saves on costs plus you have more hands to help, and a larger selection to choose from for your customers. Remember that someone’s trash is another person’s treasure!

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7. Plan Your Travel

Try and get all your errands done in the car on the one day or even the one trip, if you can. If you’re in and out all the time, not only are there petrol costs, but wear and tear on your vehicle.

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