How to Save Money TODAYEasy ways to help tighten your money belt - TODAY!

8. Use Less

Use a third less dish washing powder, washing up liquid, washing powder, shampoo, toothpaste, whatever, just use less. Quite often, you get just as good a result! Another great tip is to tip your empty shampoo and conditioner bottles upside down, you would be surprised how many washes you can get out of an empty bottle!

9. Use Generic Brands

Rice is rice, sugar is sugar, does it matter that it doesn’t have a brand name? Generic brands are quite often up to 40% cheaper than their overpriced counterparts. Find a generic brand that you know and trust and stick to it! The savings are substantial!

10. Stock up on Staples

Having a well stocked pantry means you never go hungry! If the supermarket is having a sale on an item that you use regularly, that will last and that you have the room for – stock up! Items like tinned tomatoes are a perfect example! Please check out our free downloadable Staples List.

What ideas have you got on how to save money today, straight away?

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