How To Save on Shipping by Australia PostYou can certainly find a way out to save a few bucks on your Australia Post shipment. Here are some of the ways to pull it off.

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Online shopping, sending gifts to your near and dear ones, and posting business parcel is something we all do almost every frequently.

When you are doing all this, what hurts more than the cost of gift/parcel is the shipping cost.  

Yes, it does. And the current hike in the shipping prices made it more worst. You can’t avoid it but you can certainly find a way out to save few bucks on your Australia Post shipment. Here are some of the ways to pull it off:

Find the right online discount coupon/vouchers

Before you actually post your shipment or place an online order, don’t forget to check some Australian online deals and voucher websites like All The Deals, Shop N Save, and Groupon.

 Here, you can find some lucrative on-going money-saving deals on your postcode or state. Depending upon the offer, these coupons can reduce a certain amount of the total order amount or offer you extra points on each purchase. These points can later be redeemed when you purchase next time. These discounted coupons can surely help you save a few bucks on national and international shipments.

Try to buy from the same retailer

 When you are buying multiple kinds of stuff, try buying from a single retailer. This helps the retailer to send different shipments in one packaging unless those items are not too heavy-duty. This trick works very well with clothing, accessories, and other lightweight items. When many items are shipped together, you end up paying less shipping costs on your order.

Consider using the packaging offered by the Australia Post

 You are not a shipping expert. So, if you are thinking that opting for your own shipping packaging will save you a few bucks then you are mistaken. 

If you are doing so then you can end up getting a large box for a small object or you can damage the package due to lack of proper packaging skills. In both cases, you will lose your money. With Australia Post packaging, you will find exact and secure packaging ensuring the secure order delivery.

 Now, that you are aware of the method of saving a few bucks on your Australia Post, it is time to know a few more answers that you might like to have.

How can I track my Australia Post shipment?

 Australia Post parcel tracking is a simple and hassle-free job. All you need to do is grab your tracking ID and enter it on the website of the Australia Post tracking service. As soon as you will hit the enter button, you will get all the details related to your item.