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I’d like to introduce to you my second book, Live Well On Less: A Practical Guide to Running a Lean Household!


It proves that living on less while still enjoying your life is possible. This is not a mere challenge: it’s a lifestyle. It will change your mindset on spending forever.

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Live Well on Less, is chock-full of valuable tips and insights on how to – you guessed it – live well on less! It contains guidelines on how to freeze meals, how to use up everything in your pantry, sample shopping lists, inspiring stories from other savvy mums, meal plans and how to make sure nothing goes to waste.


With over 50 thrifty – but fabulous – recipes, you can be a cost cutter in the kitchen as well! The book has everything you need to know to live a frugal lifestyle and still have fun!

Live well on less

Order your copy of Live Well on Less now!

I want to make frugal cool!

Now, are you ready to rise to the challenge?


Jody Allen

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