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Stay at Home Mum’s Money Saving Tips has loads of articles on how you can reduce what you spend around the home. Simple ideas on how to reduce your electricity bill, your water usage and whether solar power is really worth it!

10 Tips to Budget When You Are On An Irregular Income

Tricks on how to work on your fluctuating income.

50 More Tricks to Save Money that are Practical and Doable

Trust me: you need to consider these fun tips!

5 Ways to Save on Private School Fees

15 Easy Survival Recipes From The Depression Era

Easy, cheap and delicious depression era meals!

7 Ways To Challenge Yourself To Save MORE Money

If you're finding it hard to stick to your savings goals, try mixing it up and making it more fun

No Shopping for A Month: What I Learned From My Month in Exile

It was ohhh sooo hard....

15 Tips for Families Living on a Single Income

Helpful tips on how to live well on less!

50 Simple Ways to Save Money Right Now!

Save up for something nice!

10 Cheapskate Rules From America's "Cheapest" Man

Watching this video will probably save you hundreds...

7 Signs You're Living Beyond Your Means

Are You Living The Life You Can Afford?

How To Turn Your Unwanted Designer Items Into Cash

13 of Australia's Cheapest Mobile and Data Plans

September 2020

Coke Bottle Savings Challenge

Perfect for saving up for Christmas!

4 Tips To Boost Your Financial Wellbeing

RANT: [email protected]#K Energy Bills! We are going to reduce them.

Oh and Gas can [email protected]#K off too!....

10 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

Without spending a cent!

Australia's Cheapest Mobile and Data Plans

Save money by shopping around for the best price on mobile phone data plans.

8 Things to Do to Stop Living Pay to Pay

Things You Can Do Right Now To Change Your Financial Life!