RANT: [email protected]#K Energy Bills! We are going to reduce them.

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RANT: F@#K Energy Bills! We are going to reduce them.

RANT: F#@K Energy Bills!!

They suck, they are expensive and annoyingly essential, first step let us educate you and then let’s fix it.

Electricity is one of the biggest household bills, and the one bill most people hate to pay. I fricken hate them.  But unfortunately you have to pay it if you want electricity to your home, a bullshit necessary evil. But also one of the easiest to cut. Sure you can turn the air-con off, turn off electrical items etc etc blah blah we have all heard that annoying lecture.

What we found out is that most people aren’t looking at the offer you’re getting from your energy retailer, and those that do, have no clue. Most of Australia is just “SET AND FORGET” yet we whinge when the bill comes in. So it makes sense the fastest way to make a sometimes significant savings is run your Energy retailer over the hot coals. After all it’s not like you can ask the wholesaler or the government for a discount. But first….

Here is what most people don’t understand about Electricity Bills:

  1. The company (AGL, Energy Australia, Origin etc) that bills you for electricity has no control over the actual power to your property, they are simply an “energy retailer” whose main role is to bill you for it.
  2. When you select an energy retailer your given an “offer”. It outlines their fees (KW charges etc) and charges you will receive for often 12 months. You accept and the energy retailer advises via a computer system that they are billing your properties meter ID. Yes…unless your property is disconnected or has a fault, it’s just a quick admin edit in a computer, no one comes out and physically does anything.
  3. Now the “Offer” you agreed to may have been the “best” (or not) at that point in time. However, most energy retailers change their “Offers” very often. So while you agreed to a great offer, it doesn’t mean it’s still the best even a month later. But with a 12-month agreement, you’re guaranteed that “offer”….it DOES NOT mean it’s the best or that you can’t change.
  4. You can change at any time. So that “12-month” agreement really is only protecting you from price changes made by the retailer. At any point, you can ring up and check if you’re on the best “offer” or go comparing against others. You’re not locked to the energy retailer you choose for 12 months.
  5. Loyalty to your energy retailer is utterly pointless if you want to reduce energy costs. Even if you a great solar rate, it doesn’t mean they haven’t given you a terrible deal elsewhere in the “offer” on some other tariff, daily connection fee etc. You’re just one of thousands even millions of customers they have remember.

“Loyalty to your energy retailer is utterly pointless if you want the best price. They are making money off people’s lack of education. “


Here is what most people think, and this is scary, wrong, and just bad…

“I am on the best rate with XYZ energy retailer”

Sadly you probably aren’t. Energy retailers are changing offers often in response to demand and the market. There are a lot of energy retailers in Australia and lots of rates and many many offers. We will explain how to get oversight later in this article so don’t worry.

“I just pay it when it comes”

Ohhh honey…your literally paying a bill and a slave to it. It’s so foolish to just pay any bill blindingly. This is the biggest bill in your house and you just bend over and accept it? Come on.

“I am locked into a contract”

Contrary to popular belief, most electricity contracts don’t lock you in. While exit fees were common a few years ago, fast forward to 2020, only a few types of contracts include an exit fee for leaving a contract early. So you literally can change at any time.

“I get an awesome rate on my solar power”

You see this often, one energy retailer giving a huge rebate tariff to people that have solar. How do you think they pay for it? Check your “offer” you will find something that makes up for it somewhere, likely a higher peak price per KW.

“I am with the best energy retailer, they are big and known”

If you’re thinking this, then we need to talk. Electricity and Gas…is ALL THE SAME. You don’t get special electricity, you know the magic type that makes your microwave get a speed boost. As for “they provide great support”….ummm they all do, It’s really the only thing an energy retailer has to be good at, they just bill and support you. All address assistance requests (faults, connections etc) go into the same computer, the energy retailer really does bugger all apart from enter it and give you updates. So saying you’re with the best energy retailer is pretty naive. Honestly when was the last time you even rang your energy company anyway.

Lets sort this Sh*t out

Ok, the first thing is to stay clear of most energy comparison sites (talk about wolves disguised as sheep!) unless you want to be harassed day and night with pushy sales phone calls. Many also sell other financial products like slimy “life insurance” so watch out for them cross-selling that one too. Not to mention most “comparison” sites are biased toward selling the energy retailer that they get the most commission from.

How to REALLY Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Well at Stay at Home Mum…we have figured out our own all-in-one energy comparison platform. 100% online, no sales calls, no bias (we couldn’t give two hoots), and we made it super easy and FREE. Plug in your details, see the offers, select an offer, fill out the details and you’re switched. Your next bill comes and you have saved money, your old energy retailer won’t even care so neither should you. We will even send you a text message if we think you can get a better offer, so you can just move again, chase the new best deal. We honestly can’t make it any easier. Oh and be nice, send the link of this article to your mum friends, ask for a bottle of wine in reward of your good steer #winning. They can pay for it using the $25 Woolies bonus gift card you and they will get after all.

Get Started > 

Oh and just for the sceptical friends (bless them):

    • Yes, most of the energy retailers are compared. You’re actually getting a proper comparison.
    • Yes, it’s unbiased, no energy retailer gives us more commission than the other. Even if they are giving you a “special offer”, you will see that often one doesn’t mean a better saving at all. Cheeky buggers.
    • Yes, we are going to protect your contact info and not flog it.
    • Yes, our heart is in a good place.

What you will need:

    • 5-10 minutes of your time
    • A bag to vomit in, when you think of how much money you paid to energy companies blindingly vs what’s out there.
    • An idea of approximately how much energy costs you a month/quarter.

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