Reducing Your Water Bill

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Reducing Your Water Bill

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Want to do more around the house to reduce your water consumption and save on your hot water bills? There are several different ways you can reduce your reliance on hot and cold water without resorting to installing an expensive solar hot water system. If you have the funds, then going solar is definitely going to save you in the long run but many people simply cannot afford this. We have five easy solutions to assist in reducing your water bills and water consumption every day.

Collect Rain Water look into buying a second hand tank or barrel and putting it into your backyard. When the rain comes, you will be able to collect this water. With the right care you can drink tank water. Invest in a few plastic bottles to fill up and leave in the fridge. Drinking rain water tastes cleaner and fresher than tap water and will reduce how much you are relying on the tap. You can also use rain water for other things around the house, such as boiling potatoes for dinner, filling up the sink to wash the dishes and mopping the floors. Once you get into the habit of using tank water instead of constantly relying on the tap, it’s easy to make the switch.

Reuse Bath Water this may sound a little disgusting but we are not suggesting you continue to bathe in the same water day in and day out. However, at the end of your bath, why not use this water to water the plants around the house? Your plants could probably use a drink, especially in the hot summer weather and you won’t have to constantly get out the sprinkler or the hose.

Bath as a Family another thing you can do is bath together. If you have kids, put them all in the bath together or take a shower as a family (if you have little kids that is), if you have the space. If you really enjoy your alone time in the shower, then try to minimize the length of time you spend in there.

Change to Cold Water Washing when you have a family you know how easily laundry basket fill up with dirty clothes, towels, sheets, bibs, etc. You probably feel like you are spending a large quantity of time doing the laundry and you may have the machine on every day. This can add up, especially if you are still using a hot water cycle. Your hot water system will need to work extra hard to warm the water up when, in reality, it doesn’t need to. Using a cold water wash is just as effective with the right detergent. So make the switch to cold water when doing your washing and see the difference in your hot water bill each quarter.

Consider High Star Power Appliances If you are in the market for a new washing machine or a new dishwasher, then pay attention to the number of energy efficient stars it has received. A front loader tends to be much more water conscious than top loaders and, although they also tend to take a little longer to finish a cycle, they are usually cheaper as well.  Dishwashers also come with the energy efficient label. Buying a four star system may cost you $100 more than a 3 star system but you will save in the long run.

All of these little things will add up when trying to reduce your hot water bills. So make the switch to cold water, rain water and bath water whenever possible.

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