20 Houses in Australia that Cost LESS Than $200,000You can still buy a bargain in Australia!

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  • 20 Houses in Australia that Cost LESS Than $200,000

Last Updated 16/10/17

Who says you can’t buy a beautiful home for under $200,000 in Australia? There are STILL amazing deals to be had – if you look hard!

Every month we present a list 20 houses from every State in Australia that are three bedrooms or more – and listed under the $200,000 mark!

20 Houses in Australia that Cost LESS Than $200,000

When you weigh up the quality of life that the country can give you, the community, cheap housing, cheap food, good schools, is it really worth the stress and expense to live in a Capital City?

Time and time again I’ve heard the ‘But there are no jobs in the country’.  Please.  That is bullshit.  My first day in Gympie I was told there were no jobs, I hand delivered 150 resumes to every business in town and had a full-time job and part-time job by day 2.  If you want to work, and you are willing to look for it – there is always work available.

So today, to prove to you that there are amazing homes still available in this country for under $200,000 – I’m going to show you actual houses that are for sale right now!

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