You Can Own A New Home With Just $2000 Deposit!Believe It Or Not?

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A new scheme has been launched that could help young couples in search for a new home to get one for as low as $2000 deposit.

For couple, Gregg and Louise Sanderson, finding a home to call their own was not that easy, trying to get a foot in the housing market for 20 years.

You Can Own A New Home With Just $2000 Deposit! | Stay at Home Mum

The couple said that they went the extra mile in their quest to have their own home. “It was hard. We sacrificed a lot. I end up getting two jobs,” Louise said.

“We had a figure that we had to get to and we just kept working on it to get to that figure,” Gregg said.

But, everything will change as a Queensland first Metricon home solution scheme was introduced last Thursday, which made the housing market available to almost everybody.

You Can Own A New Home With Just $2000 Deposit! | Stay at Home Mum

With only $2000 deposit, a first home owner’s grant and a stable job, one may get their key to their own home. Interested home buyers can choose from 17 home designs in newest states from Caboolture to Coomera.

“Meet with the broker, meet with the house sales consultant, and by the time you leave, you’ll know when you can have a home or not,” Peter Ryan of Metricon said.

However, experts are warning borrowers to make sure you can afford to pay the home. “I think it’s a great opportunity for the right people, but the worst thing you can do is to lose your house because you can’t afford the repayments,” financial commentator Noel Whittaker said.


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