How to Save $5000 on Home Expenses RIGHT NOWGot to pull your belt in? Here's how!

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How to Save $5000 On Home Expenses Right Now

Cut Your Subscription Costs

Do you really use your gym membership, your Netflix or Stan subscription, your audible?


Go through your credit card statement and see what subscription costs are coming out of your credit card.  Start cancelling the items you don’t use!

Items to consider cancelling:

  • Pay TV (Netflix, Stan, Hulu, Foxtel)
  • Apps on your phone that are costing you monthly
  • Audible Subscription
  • Data Storage

Hint:  The very best way to cancel everything is to cancel your credit card and get a new one with a new number.  Anyone subscriptions taking payments out will soon contact you once their payments start bouncing!

How Much Can I Save?

Well that depends on how many subscriptions you have, and what you don’t use anymore.  But just say that you cancel your Netflix Subscription, that will save you $624 per year!

Ask for a Better Deal on Insurances

Insurance payments really hurt when you don’t have to make a claim.  And again there is no longer any loyalty when it comes to insurance, so it is a cost you should shop around for every single year!

Read our article on how to get a better deal on insurance including exactly what to say to get a discount!

Save Money on Water Usage

Water costs can get out of hand when showers run into the 40 minute mark and the kids are having a bath every night.  Here are easy ways to save money on water!

  • Pop a small empty plastic bottle (like a coke bottle) into your toilet tank.  These take up room which means that your toilet won’t use as much water!
  • Make the kids have a shower instead of a bath
  • Time your showers
  • Have a bucket on the shower floor and use it to water the plants
  • If you live rurally, and you don’t get in trouble, run your greywater to your plants instead of letting it go down the drain.
  • Use your dishwasher – it uses less water than using a sink to wash dishes
  • Check for leaks.  A leaky toilet can cost you hundreds of dollars per year.  To check for leaks, ensure all the water is turned off at the taps (turn off all the toilets etc) and go out to your water meter, if it is still clicking over, there is a leak somewhere!
  • Turn off your water at the meter when you go away.
  • Ensure you only wash when you have a full load in your washing machine.
  • Install a low-flow shower head

Sometimes Replacing Appliances is Cheaper

Sometimes it pays to invest in new appliances too that are more water efficient.  For example if you have an old washing machine or dishwasher, these older styles use a lot more water than the newer versions.  Sometimes it pays to get rid of your old appliances and get new ones.  Weigh up the cost versus replacement.

Very water efficient washing machines (with at least a 4.5 star WELS water rating) currently on the market include:

…and even better is a 5-Star WELS Water Rating:



Samsung 7.5kg Front Load Washer WW75J54E0IW

Borrow Things Instead of Buying

If you need something, look at asking friends, family or a neighbour instead of buying it!  Think tools, ball gowns, anything!  Let’s help each other to save cash!

We will add more money-saving ideas to this article so make sure to check back once in a while.

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