Less is More

Less is More


Living With Less Is Living With More!

Sounds like a crazy statement to be making! It doesn’t even make sense when you say it out loud…”Living with Less is Living with More”? Are you wondering how our family of seven knows this to be true?

How We Live With Less, But Yet We Get To Live With More

We are living in a Motorhome, travelling Australia. We don’t have the normal type of Motorhome….with storage bins under the bus! We only have storage inside of our bus, and whatever we can fit into the boot. So our family has learnt to live with less, and experience more.

No Room for Storage

There is a limited amount of storage in our bus, and we have to watch the weight limits that our bus has, so if it doesn’t fit into the cupboards then it doesn’t come with us! Our boys all have their own shelf in a huge wardrobe towards the back of the bus. That one self has to hold their clothes, their school boys and their toys. That is why we are living with less but at the same time we are living with more!

Living With Less is Living With More!

They might have less storage space, but we have more family time. We have more experiences, and we have more precious items! Under the lounges there is space to place board games. They also have a big container of Lego – which they all have to share. It’s amazing what they can create with Lego when they create together!

What Did We Do With Our Stuff?

What we didn’t want to take with us, soon become less important. It is funny how we think that we have to fill up a house/ a home of stuff that seems so important at the time. Yet when we were getting ready to pack up and move from a house into our Motorhome it was so easy to sort out what I wanted to keep, what we had to keep and what we could live without.

The really big items (bigger furniture) was either sold off, given away, or given to Life line. The really important items, like photos and pictures or even baby clothes that I had kept over the years are stored in our shipping container. When it came down to it, I could walk away from our house hold of items, and never look back. That soon showed me that living with less is the way to go.

So what have we kept? Well our boys have kept their most precious toys, and clothes that they can grow into! We have kept a double bed, two chest of drawers, two bedside cupboards, clothes dryer, bookshelf and a canoe. They are all stored in our shipping container. With the view that when our oldest two boys move out of home they are welcome to the furniture!  Our baby photos are really all that is important to me!

Four of our five boys are growing used to the idea of a smaller space. We have enough space for sleeping, showering, eating and playing (mostly they play outside when the weather is fine!). Yet our boys do not go without. Yes we have downsized, and yes we have less in the way of possessions, but they get to experience the real life!


Our boys experience life…

  • Climbing Trees
  • Making Cubby houses
  • Swimming in pools and creeks
  • Bush walking
  • Going to the beaches
  • Paying board games
  • Reading books
  • Playing with Lego
  • Creating their own games
  • Visiting local attractions
  • Playing in the mud!

We love living the easier life, the life with less yet we have more! There is no longer a HUGE house to clean, and a waste of time doing the boring things in life. We believe that living with less is living with more!

Lisa and David Wood live in a Motorhome travelling Australia with four of their five boys. To see more about their family, and connect with their newsletter please visit www.newlifeontheroad.com/ 

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