10 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Over the Weekend

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10 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Over the Weekend

Start the week with the most amusing parenting news stories. We have gathered the heartwarming story of a daughter who received a 20-year-old letter from her mother to stories on stricter laws for kids to get immunised.

10. Woman Films Being Chased by Koala Which Only Wants a Hug

A woman has caught on camera the moment a koala chased her while she was riding her quad-bike.

Ebony Churchill uploaded her video of the koala who seem to be catching up with her on a dirt road. Panicked, she floored her bike, hoping to get away from the koala as fast as she could when a herd of cows on the road forced her to stop, and so she leaped away from the bike. However, she could no longer see the koala. As she went over to the back of the bike, to her surprise, there was the koala, hugging on to one of her rear wheels in a cute gesture.

Ms Churchill uploaded the hilarious video to her Facebook page which now racked up to over 1.3 million views.


9. Girl with Down Syndrome Melts Hearts Across the World for Modelling for Shoe Brand

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A children’s shoe label has launched its most beautiful model yet to grace their own brand — a four-year-old girl with Down syndrome.

Cora Slocum seems to have melted hearts around the world after her photoshoot as a model for the shoe company, Livie & Luca, went viral online. Brand designer Brittany Suzuki told The Mighty that Cora’s happiness on set was contagious. “During the photoshoot you could tell Cora was born to shine in front of the camera. Her contagious joy filmed the room,” she said.

Co-founder of the company, Amie Garcia, told ABC7 News that the company chose Cora for its campaign after working with Changing the Face of Beauty, a non-profit organisation urging companies to include people with disabilities in advertising and media.


8. Daughter Receives on Wedding Day the Letter Her Adoptive Mother Wrote 20 Years Ago

A daughter just received the most precious gift on her wedding day — a letter that was written by her adoptive mother 20 years ago.

Brooke Zugg, 22, told ABC News in the US that she was adopted when her adoptive mother, Sherry Blackledge, was given the option to adopt her while she was working as a maternity nurse in South Central Regional Medical Center in Laurel, Mississippi. “My adoptive mother said she adopted a son 11 years earlier because they couldn’t have children. Then my biological mother then asked if my adoptive mother wanted to adopt me,” she said.

Mrs Blackledge said she wrote the letter when her daughter was 18 months old and saved it next to her bed for 20 years. She said that she wanted to give her daughter the letter on her wedding day in a very special way, and so she had it printed on a piece of her own wedding dress which she wore more than 35 years ago.

The letter, which was dated December 15, 1994, reads:

Our dear little baby Brooke,

As I write this to you you are sleeping soundly in your baby bed. We just want you to know how much love and happiness you’ve brought to our family. A precious little baby girl to Daddy and me and a baby sister to Brian. Before Daddy and I were married I always said if we had a little girl, she would be a little Brooke. You are our little baby Brooke.

“Both my children are adopted. As a mother I wanted to give something to both of them that they’d have to keep and cherish””the love in my heart and how I feel about them. I thought they could keep the letter and cherish it. When Brooke came along, God just hand picked her extra special for us,” Mrs Blackledge said.

Ms Zugg said she wrapped the fabric around her bridal bouquet before walking down the aisle. She said that she plans on preserving it in a shadow box and hanging it on her wall forever.


7. Man Arrested for Murder of Missing Transgender Woman

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A man was arrested for the murder of a transgender woman who went missing for almost a year.

Angel Arias, 23, a member of the Latin Kings street gang, was charged with the murder of Elisha Walker, 20, who went missing in October 2014. The Guardian reported that her body was found in the woods behind a house in Johnston County, North Carolina, 161 kilometres from her home in Salisbury. Police also found Ms Walker’s car that was burned shortly after she went missing.

However, Mr Arias has not been charged with any hate crimes, as North Carolina law does not carry a hate crimes statute.

Transgender Human Rights Campaign spokesperson Laya Monarez said the problem of violence against transgender women is a national crisis within the US.

“Even as we are seeing an increase in transgender visibility through a range of inspiring national media stories, including Caitlyn Jenner’s, the levels of violence and harassment transgender people face particularly transgender women and transgender women of color constitute a national crisis,” she said in a statement.

This comes after there were also reports from Detroit, Texas and Phoenix that say three black, transgender women have been murdered, bringing the number of transgender women killed this year in the US to 16.


6. Baby Girl Found in Locked Car

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A 36-year-old man will face court after a two-year-old girl was found locked in a car at a Sydney shopping centre.

Police said they received a call from the centre in Hurstville past 3pm on Satuday, saying a little girl was locked inside a car. They broke the car’s window to rescue the girl after seeing that she was not moving. She was treated by paramedics before she was taken to St George Hospital. She was said to have suffered from minor dehydration. She was released from hospital into the care of her mother.

The man was served with a court attendance notice for leaving a child unsupervised in a motor vehicle.


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