10 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

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10 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

Let’s catch up with the most amazing parenting news stories today. From heartwarming stories of people who are born different to a heart wrenching case of a bad sunburn, get it here.

10. Kids’ Reaction to Old Technology: Priceless!

Older people get shocked with new technology and kids get shocked with old technology.

In this video, made by Fine Brothers Entertainment — the people behind the famous ‘Kids React’ videos, which immerses kids aged five and up in old technology — a couple of kids were asked about what they think of the first generation iPod.

A number of children were amazed by how the iPod looks like such as one kid who said it was like a cinder block. Another one even said that ‘dinosaurs were still roaming the planet’ when the original iPod came out. However, one kid came to some oldie’s defence: “It was probably amazing back then, because people didn’t even know what was coming in the future.”

FYI kids, if one owns a first gen iPod back then, the feeling was actually priceless!


9. Mum carves Characters from Nutritious Food to Get Her Son to Eat Healthy

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A Melbourne mum carves out her son’s favourite characters from healthy snacks such as Pinocchio, Melman from Madagascar and Simba, even Michael Jackson. via

An Aussie mum has come up with a fun way to make her son eat healthy snacks.

Lelah Mohmedi has been carving out cartoon characters from fresh fruit and vegetable to entice her son, Jacob, to eat it. She carved out Simba from the movie, The Lion King. She also cut out Pinocchio from scrambled eggs with spinach, peanut butter on toast, vegemite, pear, strawberries and apple letters, Melman from the movie Madagascar using spelt pancakes with pear and pawpaw letters, even Michael Jackson was made up of coconut chicken rice, nori, peas and carrot letters. She posted these amazing photos on her Instagram account, @jacobs_food_diaries.

Mums got to be clever sometimes!


8. Cambodian Boy makes Anaconda his Pet

It’s common for a kid to have a dog as a pet, but for this boy, well, let’s just say he prefers something more exotic.

Sambath, a seven-year old boy from Cambodia, is looking scarily cute getting cosy with his pet — an Anaconda. In this video uploaded on Facebook by DeLorean, the boy is seen lying above his ‘friend’. The boy’s parents hope that someday he’d go to school than just stay home with his pet.


7. Young Girl Born Without Arms and World’s First Armless Pilot Hug in an Emotional Meeting

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Sometimes you don’t need arms to hug someone. Sometimes, two hearts can embrace even without limbs.

In Wisconsin, three-year-old RE (Ruth Evelyn) Pranke, who was born without arms met the world’s first-ever armless pilot, Jessica Cox and hugged in a heartwarming way.

Mum Karlyn Pranke drove her daughter six hours from Minnesota to Wisconsin to meet Cox at the US premiere of Cox’s documentary, ‘Right Footed’, which is a story about her life as a pilot, public speaker and third-degree black belt.

Ms Pranke told ABC News in the US that she really wanted to make this touching meeting happen. “It was amazing. I’m just grateful that we had the opportunity to show everyone that it doesn’t matter if you have arms or not, that you can do the same things as everyone else, you just may have to do it a little differently,” she said.


6. Volunteers of Huon Valley Make 1,500 Dolls for Children Affected by Nepal Earthquake

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum

Toys have always been known to be a child’s source of comfort especially in times of distress.

Because of this, a Tasmanian volunteer group have come up with a delightful way to cheer up children affected by the deadly earthquake in Nepal last April. The Huon Valley group, based in Cygnet, aims to make 1,500 dolls by the end of October and will take these to the Kalikasthan district of Nepal, north of Kathmandu, in mid-November.

Volunteer Anne Thompson said she wants to replicate the idea of giving dolls to kids in Nepal when she saw how the Uthando Project group have slowly made a difference to the lives of children in South Africa, who have been affected by the AIDS pandemic, by sending them stuffed toys.

Irene Swan, who has been volunteering with the Uthando Project for more than 10 years said dolls could really light up a child, who’s in a difficult situation. “Dolls are about comfort for a child. A child can express their feeling through a doll,” she said.


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