12 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

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12 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

Get a dose of the most incredible parenting news stories today.

12. Mum Sophie Grantham gets surprise addition of a used vibrator in children’s shoe box from Amazon

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Mum Sophie Grantham shows a used vibrator she found in children’s shoe box from Amazon. via

It was the oddest place to find a sex toy — in a kid’s shoe box!

Mum-of-two Sophie Grantham, 36, ordered a brand new pair of sandals as gift for her four-year old son, Alex, through Amazon only to find the shock of her life – a vibrator. She says it was buzzing and was found at the bottom of the box. As if finding a vibrator in a shoe box wasn’t shocking enough, said vibrator also looked used.

Thankfully, the package for her seven-year-old son James only contained a game.


11. Dancing dad busts “robot”, “moonwalk” moves in UK gig

This guy’s pulling all the stops just to get him going at a gig in Thorpe Park in the UK.

Youtuber Andy Morris recorded this guy who may be somebody’s dad having the time of his life going wild, even busting the classic “robot” and “moonwalk” moves.

So, how’s that for a dance?


10. Parents urged to teach book reading to babies as young as zero

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
Blair and Cooper Huggett, aged seven months and two, enjoy their books during the My First Library Card launch in a park near Kawana Library. via

It’s never too early to get your kids to be a bookworm.

Sunshine Coast Council made sure of this as they launched the my first Library card at Kawana Library. In this event, they gathered over 80 babies and toddlers aged zero to five and their parents for a teddy bear’s picnic

Study shows that reading to a baby is critical to the child’s social, cognitive, emotional and language development, explaining Sunshine Coast Libraries’ advocacy. Sunshine Coast Libraries have close to 10,000 picture books in store for the kids to enjoy.


9. Child rescued out of game machine at Cairns shopping centre

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
A child was stuck in a vending machine at Mt Sheridan Plaza. (PIC: SUPPLIED) via

A child was rescued after being stuck inside a toy vending machine at Mt Sheridan Plaza.

Witnesses say that the boy climbed inside the machine’s toy collection chute to get a toy but got stuck inside. Panicking, his parents as well as several passers-by tried to calm him down as they waited for rescue. After half an hour of being inside, he was finally freed by the centre’s security and a maintenance crew member through the glass doors of the machine.


8. Mum discovers potential rare eye condition while taking photos of son

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
A ‘golden glow’ could be seen in Mason’s left eye. (Source: Facebook) via

A New Zealand mum has discovered something ‘dark’ in the glow of one of her baby’s eyes.

Sarah Bowers told Daily Mail Australia that one night, she was just taking pictures of her 12-week old son Mason by the fire when she noticed something. There was a ‘golden glow’ in his left eye. “All the photos had it, not just one, because his pupil was filled with this golden fluid,” she said.

The next day, she took her baby to an eye specialist, who confirmed that Mason is completely blind in his left eye — with no hope of recovering his sight. The specialist suggested removing his blind eye to prevent the risk of damage to the good one.

“It was heart-breaking to hear because he’s just so beautiful when you look at him and you’d never think anything was wrong. It wasn’t what we envisioned at all,” Ms Bowers said.

She adds that they are also trying to raise funds through Give a Little.


7. IBM decides to ship nursing employees’ breastmilk to their babies

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
Stock photo

Tech Giant IBM has found a unique way to retain its female workers who are breastfeeding mums — ship the breastmilk home to their babies.

Australian Financial Review reports that IBM will provide a transportation service for the pumped breastmilk of nursing employees to be sent to the homes of the carers of their babies.

This way, the company can address its lack of assistance to breastfeeding mothers who need to be away from their babies for them to work. It also adds in the mandatory provision of a private room and break times for mothers to send their milk while in the workplace.


6. Carrie Bickmore slams Steve Price over tweet vs mums breastfeeding in public places

CARRIE Bickmore and shock jock Steve Price went into a heated debate on The Project over the issue of breastfeeding in public.

This happened after Price took to Twitter his disapproval of a woman he saw walking through the Qantas domestic terminal while breastfeeding.

Bickmore, 34, who is a mum of two, confronted Price on-air saying,

“Mothers would feed their babies where they want to “not where you want us to.”

Price, 60, who is also a part of The Project tried to explain his tweet, saying, “walking through a crowded airport is unusual place to breastfeed a child”. He adds, “Three weeks ago in a production meeting at The Project you were breastfeeding your gorgeous little baby daughter so if I had a problem I might have said something.”

But Bickmore counters saying mothers should not have to be “discreet.” “I look forward to sitting on your lap in the meeting … and doing it,” Bickmore said.

Price dismissed criticisms over his tweet, as “feral” and “stupid.”


5. Mum refuses to break BMW window to save her trapped son because she ‘doesn’t want to damage car’

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
Smashed window of a BMW: Firefighters broke the window of a BMW to rescue a toddler after mum refuses to do so. via

A Chinese woman refused to break the window of her BMW to save her 3-year old toddler from suffocating heat because she didn’t want to damage the luxury car.

After hearing the cries of the little boy inside the vehicle, a large crowd has gathered around it, hoping to see the child saved. CCTV reports that the boy was scrambling at the car’s closed window while his mum stood in front of him outside doing nothing.

Reportedly, passers-by and firemen told her to smash the window to save the boy but she insisted on waiting for the locksmith to unlock the door. However, the boy was beginning to weaken, so the firemen ignored the mother and broke the window to rescue him.

The incident spread to social media in China where online commenters expressed their utter disappointment to the mother saying,  “It’s the mother that should get hit.”

The current temperature of Yiwu, Zhejiang province is known to rise to around 32 degrees Celsius.


4. Mum and boyfriend deny responsibility in baby’s sudden death

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
The cause of 11-month-old Israel’s death remains unknown. via

An 11-month old boy’s mother and her boyfriend did not take responsibility for the child’s sudden death.

The Herald Sun sources say 11-month-old Israel’s mum, Tanita Brenssell, her boyfriend, Quinton Thompson and three other children were in their home at the Strachan St hours before Israel died.

Israel was rushed by ambulance to Hamilton hospital about 3am on Monday, where he died a short time later. “He had an accident the night before,” Wayne Rimene, the boy’s father, said, He added that the toddler was injured while playing with his siblings.

Police have questioned Mrs Brenssell, Mr Thompson, and the hospital staff about the infant’s death. They have now returned to Melbourne as they await the pathology results, which will be released in a month. They will return to Hamilton if results reveal any hint that the child may have been abused.


3. Parents of baby who died at birth may file a case against a hospital for negligence

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
Sam and Kate Windmill look into filing a lawsuit vs Latrobe Regional Hospital after death of their newborn, Mabel. (Picture: Angie Basdekis) via

A Victorian couple, whose daughter died a few hours after birth, is looking into filing a lawsuit against Latrobe Regional Hospital. This happened after a coroner found out that a doctor made “inappropriate” decisions during childbirth.

Sam and Kate Windmill are taking legal action against Latrobe Regional Hospital after their baby, Mabel, died on October 10, 2012 just hours later after she was born. The couple said that the hospital failed to communicate with them during birth and accused them of medical negligence.

Coroner Jacqui Hawkins earlier ruled that Dr Philip Watters should have considered a caesarean section hours earlier for Mrs Windmill after medical staff reported ‘signs of foetal distress.’ This included abnormal CTG results that monitor heartbeat. Instead, Dr Watters ordered Syntocinon to speed up Mrs Windmill’s labour, which Coroner Hawkins declared “inappropriate.” It was concluded that an infection was the cause of Mabel death due to Group B streptococcus pneumonia.

Latrobe Regional Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr Simon Fraser says the hospital has fully cooperated with the Coroner’s office.


2. Queensland childcare centres may have the right to ban unimmunised children with proposed law

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
Stock photo

A proposed new law will allow Queensland childcare centres to call the shots in refusing children who are not immunised.

Health Minister Cameron Dick said Labor would give childcare centres the choice of accepting or refusing children who are not fully vaccinated. “Every year, there are tragic cases that highlight the importance of ensuring everyone in your family is fully immunised. Conditions like whooping cough, while usually mild for adults, can have tragic consequences for very young children,” he said in a statement. He aims to have the bill installed as law by January 2016.

Queensland’s immunisation rates for children was at 92 per cent in the last quarter of 2014, a little lower than the recommended 95 per cent for a strong “herd immunity.”


1. Christian school accused of forcing young transgender girl into conversion therapy

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum
Charlotte, a 10-year-old transgender girl, was allegedly victimised by her Christian school in Melbourne and was said to have been forced into conversion therapy. (Picture: Fiona Hamilton Source: News Corp Australia) via

It’s heartbreaking for a mum to see her child being bullied by other kids let alone the teachers in school — just because she is a transgender.

Olivia, mum to 10-year old Charlotte (not their real names), had to bear this. She said that the Christian school in Melbourne that Charlotte attended to didn’t keep hidden its distaste for her right after she revealed she was a girl in a boy’s body.

The couple took Charlotte to the Gender Service at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne at the end of 2014, which diagnosed Charlotte as having gender dysphoria.

Olivia explained this to the school her child is attending to in April this year. But the principal didn’t allow Charlotte to socially transition from a boy into a girl, reportedly saying that his teachers needed time to accept the news. This turned things from bad to worse.

According to Olivia, Charlotte began telling her she was bullied over social media. Worse, she was harassed by her teachers, grabbing her by the arms, dragging her across the room, and screaming at her about how boys should act. A teacher apologised, but for Olivia, that was it. She is done with the school.

The couple also said that Charlotte was sent to various counselling sessions with the school chaplain without their consent. Charlotte’s parents were concerned that it was a conversion therapy, which her husband believes is “highly unethical.”

Conversion therapy, also known as reparative therapy, is known to be a psychologically harmful form of treatment that is said to change a person’s sexual orientation.

However, the school’s principal denied this, saying the school “does not believe in, let alone practice, conversion therapy in any form,” he writes. “We are sorry Charlotte was unable to stay with us, but sincerely hope that she has transitioned successfully at her new school,” the principal concludes.


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