37-Year-Old Woman Is Mother To 38 Children

A 37-year-old woman has amazingly recently given birth to her 38th child. Yes, you read that right, her 38th!

Mariam Nabatanzi, from Uganda, has given birth to all her children at home except for her latest baby, who was delivered via caesarean section at a local hospital, reports the Nairobi News.

The mother-of-38 has given birth to an incredible six sets of twins, four sets of triplets and three sets of quadruplets.

Ten of the children are girls and the remaining 28 are boys.

The eldest of the 38 children is now 23 years old and the youngest, the 38th, is just four months, and who was the only child delivered via C-section. “This was my only Cesarean delivery because I was still weak from the sickness I suffered when I tried to use an IUD,” she said.

37-Year-Old Woman Is Mother To 38 Children | Stay at Home Mum

Ms Nabatanzi claims she was married off by age 12 in 1993 to a 40-year-old man.

“I did not know I was being married off,” she told the publication.

“People came home and brought things for my father. When time came for them to leave, I thought I was escorting my aunt, but when I got there, she gave me away to the man.”

She told the publication how she found married life at such a young age difficult. “My husband was polygamous with many children from his past relationships who I had to take care of because their mothers were scattered all over. He was also violent and would beat me at any opportunity he got even when I suggested an idea that he didn’t like,” she said.

She said that she was only 13 when she gave birth to twins. Two years later, she gave birth to triplets, and a year and seven months after that, added a set of quadruplets.

By the sixth time she gave birth, she already has 18 children and wanted to stop, but 19 more children followed.

However, after the recent birth, she said that she asked the doctor to stop her from bearing any more children. “I asked the doctor to stop me from more births and he said he had ‘cut my uterus from inside’,” she said.

37-Year-Old Woman Is Mother To 38 Children | Stay at Home Mum

Dr Charles Kiggundu, a gynecologist at Mulago Hospital and President of gynaecologists and obstetricians explained the uniqueness of Ms Nabatanzi’s case. “Her case is genetic predisposition to hyper-ovulate (releasing multiple eggs in one cycle), which significantly increases the chance of having multiples; it is always genetic,” he said.

Despite the difficulties, Ms Nabatanzi is determined to make sure all her children will be educated properly.

“I am hopeful that my children will go to school because they all have big ambitions of being doctors, teachers and lawyers; I want them to realise these dreams, something I was not able to do,” she said.

Source: Au.news.yahoo.com

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