8 Incredible Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

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8 Incredible Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

Do you know the most interesting parenting news stories that happened today? Let’s catch up on the stories that caught our attention – from a case of poisoning due to hand sanitiser to parents refusing the Vitamin K shot for newborns.

8. Like father, like son! Prince George is William’s look-a-like

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Prince William and Prince George via

Seeing double?

Nope. Your eyes are perfectly clear. It’s just transporting you back in time as British Royal Prince George sports an outfit just like his father’s way back in 1984. Donning a white shirt with red stitching and red shorts, paired with white socks and buckled black shoes, Prince George almost resembled his father, Prince William.

He, along with his father and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, were off for the christening of his two-month-old sister, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana at St Mary Magdalene Church on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate. So, who wore it best?


7. Woman gives husbands clues when to have the best time for sex with their exhausted wife using handwritten graph dubbed, “Mum Code”

A warning to all husbands: “Sexytimes” may not work when “the house is messy”.

This is what Australian video blogger Emily Wright, 31, came up with using her own tutorial termed, “Mum Code”, which she posted on Youtube.

In her video, Emily hilariously used line graphs to know when is the best and worst times to ask for sex, which she based on some factors such as the cleanliness of their house, how many hours have the children been asleep, and even getting a haircut!

She says sometimes husbands ask for “it” at the wrong time when their wives have drawn the line for the day due to exhaustion.

Emily explains there’s a 45-minute mark by which a husband can hit a home run with their wives. But after an hour and 15 minutes, she says, it’s time to sleep. “That’s the danger zone. If she’s fallen asleep, please leave her alone; she’s had a big day. You’re at high risk of being stabbed or verbally abused,” she adds.

Another factor Emily included in her video is how the state of the house can affect the time for sex. “If the house is messy, it’s inappropriate to be asking for sex. When the house is spotless, you have a never-ending opportunity,” she says. So, husbands, get the cue and get it rolling!


6. Girl removes baby tooth using sling blow

A dentist would be of no use to this girl who just wants her tooth pulled out not by the latest dental gadgets but by the most basic of weapons a sling bow.

Alexis Davidson, 11, used a sling bow to remove her baby tooth in this video taken by her father, Jason McDonald, an alligator wrestler.

Watching this video in slow motion, you can see how she “pulled it off”. But this method of tooth extraction is highly NOT recommended.


5. Couple get mixed emotions after lottery win weeks after son dies

Parenting News Stories | Stay At Home Mum
Stock photo

A couple in New Zealand just couldn’t figure out whether to jump for joy as they won a lottery prize worth $500,000 or still mourn for the death of their son just less than three weeks ago. After ten years of buying tickets for the Heart Foundation lottery, Graeme and Irene Percy, both from Marlborough, finally won a half-a-million-dollar home near Lake Taupo.

They said buying the tickets were even made as a donation and they didn’t expect to win.

Mr. Percy told the Marlborough Express newspaper, the win gave them “mixed emotions” as this happened after they lost their son due to an undisclosed reason. Mrs. Percy says the win hasn’t sunk in just yet.


4. Sydney grandfather saves baby girl in stroller stuck in path of arriving train

A grandfather in Sydney got a stroke of luck, after saving his baby granddaughter in a stroller, which was accidentally pushed to the train tracks with an arriving freight train, and leaving himself unscathed. In exclusive CCTV footage acquired by 9NEWS, the 18-month-old girl’s grandfather was seen jumping onto the tracks at the Wentworthville station at around 10.30am yesterday.

The freight train driver immediately sounded a horn within 100 meters of the station, just in time for the grandfather to get the stroller and the baby girl to safety. This heroic act seemed to be a boon than a bane for the grandfather as the police praised him instead of laying charges against him.


3. Toddler rushed to intensive care after being poisoned by hand sanitiser

Parenting News Stories | Stay At Home Mum
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It may be a common antiseptic for adults but parents are given a warning on alcohol-based hand sanitisers, especially when their kids get hold of it. This, after a toddler was brought to the intensive care unit of the Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital for going in an “altered state of consciousness” after playing with a bottle of hand sanitiser.

The doctors say the level of alcohol found in the blood of the three-year-old girl was five times the legal driving limit for adults.

“The doctors estimated the toddler must have consumed at least 55ml of a product containing 70 per cent alcohol to reach that level of alcohol toxicity,” the report said.

Thankfully, the toddler recovered after over 24 hours.


2. Hospital: Referrals for transgender kids, increasing

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Jo via

A hospital in Melbourne is expecting a double in the number of its referrals for transgender kids next year.

Royal Children’s Hospital records show that it only had one referral when it opened in 2003. It grew to 104 new referrals last year and is expected to double in the coming year.

Study shows about 44,000 Australian school-age children are transgender or an average of almost five kids in a school. This, after a New Zealand study of secondary students reveals that 1.2 per cent of the population identifies as transgender.

“If you think about other children who don’t have gender dysphoria, they’re very clear at age two and three whether they’re a boy or a girl,” Dr. Michelle Telfer, one of Australia’s leading pediatricians in the field of gender dysphoria, of RCH said.

Sophie (not her real name), 6, asked her mom, Jo, about her gender. “Could the doctors have made a mistake? Could I have accidentally been born a girl? I should’ve been born a boy. Can that happen?”

Jo replied, “Yes, that can happen.” Now, Jo describes Sophie’s (who is now called Max) feelings as, “his heart just became lighter “¦ and I could see the change in him,” she says.


Parenting News Stories | Stay At Home Mum
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Doctors are getting alarmed by the increasing number of parents refusing to allow vitamin K shots to be done to their newborns, which are given routinely by the hospitals.

“If you refuse the shot, you’re rolling the dice with your child’s health,” Dr. Robert Sidonio Jr., a hematologist and assistant professor of pediatrics at Emory University in Atlant, adding that infants tend to become deficient in vitamin K, which leads to bleeding in the intestines or the brain.

In an investigation by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 28% of parents whose babies were born in private birthing centers near Vanderbilt refused taking the vitamin K shot.

Sidonio says there is a misconception on the vitamin K shot brought about by the belief of many parents that the shot causes leukemia due to an old study which is now disproved in new studies. Sidonio pointed out three reasons for parents to allow the vitamin K shot on their newborn. “The vitamin K shot is safe, cheap, and effective. “There’s no reason for parents to take the risk of refusing it,” he said.


What do you think of today’s news parenting stories?

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