8 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

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8 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

Want to check out the most incredible parenting news stories today? Read the heartwarming story of a 90-year-old man rescuing his wheelchair-bound wife from fire to a woman being killed, along with her husband and chidlren by her ex-lover.

8. Family Captures Moment a Whale Calmly Swimming Under Their Boat

A family has filmed the moment a whale surprised them by swimming calmly under their boat.

Dad Michael told that he was enjoying an overnight stay on his boat in Bantry Bay, north of Sydney, with wife, Michelle, and their two sons Ethan and Ashton, when they were awoken on a Sunday morning by a whale swimming near their boat. “We were woken up by the whale exhaling from its blowhole and making like a groaning sound. We went outside and saw the whale about 20 metres away from us,” he said, adding that the whale continued to do laps for about 30 minutes before coming closer to them. “We were on a mooring at the time and it remained in the area for another hour, going under the boat a few times and passing closely, before slowly moving farther out of the bay around other boats in the area.”

It was reported that there have been a number of sightings of whales in the area recently, including that of whales frolicking in water underneath the Spit Bridge.


7. Google-funded Startup Prints Cool 3D hands for Kids with Disabilities

A Google-funded startup is printing 3D mechanical hand, making kids with disabilities feel like a ‘superhero.’

e-NABLE is now taking advantage of the growing trend in 3D printing to make kids with disabilities be happy with their prosthetic hands. Such is the case of Ari Solorio, who was born without a left hand. One day, when she and her mom chanced upon a Google booth, she saw a large, neon bionic hand sitting on a table and told her mum she wants one. Lucas Lok, an engineer who was manning the booth, worked on it, making sure that he printed a similar 3D mechanical hand to fit Ari’s measurements. After a day, Ari got one of the best gifts of her life. “There’s a lot of prosthetics that are heavy, uncomfortable, and have an awkward skin colour. They’re not hot pink and look like bionic hands. This is so much cooler and makes me feel really special. It’s fun. It’s something that a 10 year old would have,” she told Business Insider.

e-NABLE recently got a grant of $US600,000 from the Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities initiative that aims to fund and partner up with tech startups that provide solutions for those with disabilities. Its founder Jon Schull explains that e-NABLE isn’t a prosthetic company, but a group of people who use technologies like 3D printing to help underserved communities. “The hands can have a magical ability to make a kid feel good about his or her special hand or arm, and give them some confidence. The other kids at school think they’re really lucky. It turns out to be as important psychosocially as it is mechanically,” he said.


6. 90-year-old Husband Rescues Wheelchair-bound Wife From House Fire

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Enduring love may have been the reason why a 90-year-old man seem to have shown a young man’s strength as he rescued his 89-year-old wife who’s on a wheelchair from a house fire that nearly cost them their life.

Arthur Schneider was tending to his wife Rosemary, his wife of 68 years, who has dementia and Parkinson’s disease, when lightning hit their house in Asheboro last Thursday. In an interview with ABC News US, he says, “There’s this bolt of lightning, and I think the lightning must have hit the power in the house and blew the power out. The light was out and yet there was all this smoke coming down the hallway from the kitchen.”

Without the cane he usually needs to walk, Mr Schneider hurriedly wheeled his wife on to the home’s front porch and ran to get help from neighbours. “I guess God gives us a little strength when we need it,” he said. Their home was mostly damaged by the fire and they are now living with their daughter, Bernadette.


5. Woman Filmed Yelling at Asian Couple Demanding Them to Give Up Seat for Another ‘Caucasian’ Woman

A ‘Caucasian’ woman yelling racist rants over an ‘Asian’ couple was caught on camera.

A young Chinese couple was out in Wynyard park for lunch when they were allegedly approached by a woman who told them to give up their seat on a kerb for another Caucasian woman — because they were Asian.

The man, who doesn’t want to be identified, told the Daily Telegraph that he and his partner were verbally abused in public for being of Chinese descent. The woman even watched them eat for 20 minutes before telling them to give up their seat. He adds that the woman also glared at another lady of Anglo-Saxon appearance, who just passed by.

As this happens, a man began filming the abuse and interrupted the woman. The woman then shifted her yelling to the man taking the video. “You’re a criminal, you’re taking all the f—ing jobs and you don’t deserve it, and sucked in my cousin’s a lawyer,” she shouted, pointing her finger.

The woman continued on yelling more racist rants, claiming China provides weapons to ISIL, that China has “two faces”, and that China made $70 billion from “selling drugs and prostitutes all day”.


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