8 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

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8 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

Check out what’s trending in parenting news stories today. Let’s catch up on stories of bravery as an uncle saves his niece to stories of murdering a newborn baby.

8. Three-Year-Old Becomes Mayor of Small US Town

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In this small town in northern Minnesota, anyone can become a mayor. Literally anyone, that even a toddler let alone a rooster can become a mayor for a year.

This year, three-year-old, James Tufts, just got a few pieces of advice from his six-year-old brother, Robert, who he succeeded as mayor of Dorset town, which has only 22 residents. “I told him to be nice when you talk to people and don’t say any poopy talk,” Robert said.

James was picked as mayor of the town during the annual Taste of Dorset food festival when his name was drawn from a bucket during a $1 raffle to become mayor for a year, taking over for his brother, who served as mayor for two years. Though some may think this is child’s play, for the brothers, being mayor is serious business. As mayor, Robert has already raised money for Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Salvation Army, which James opt to continue during his term. Mum Emma Tufts says she is proud of her sons. “It’s pretty awesome because they are doing so much good with it,” she said.

In the past years, a four-year-old from Chicago became mayor for a year, while a local rooster was among those nominated for the post but unfortunately died before the drawing was held.


7. Uncle Rescues Baby Niece After Car Crashes Over Cliff

An uncle just did a heroic act after he rescued his baby niece after a car crash over a cliff.

Tyler Blake Kimbrell is shown in this video doing what it takes to free his 11-month-old niece, Breleigh, from danger, who’s strapped in a car seat. Mr Kimbrell told WHNT 19 News that he was behind the wheel of the car of his sister, the baby’s mum, Destiny, who was also among the passengers, when the car crashed over the edge of a 30-metre high cliff in North Alabama, USA last week. Destiny was able to get out of the car while her baby remained trapped and upturned inside the rear of the car.

The rescue was recorded in Mr Kimbrell’s mobile phone which was uploaded to Facebook. Using only the light on his mobile phone, Mr Kimbrell scrambled to get his niece safely out of the car, trying to talk to her calmly. When he found that his niece was alive, he immediately told his sister to call 911. “Come on baby, come on. Uncle Blake has got you, sweetie. Uncle Blake’s going to get you out of here, I promise, I promise. Jesus, watch over her please,” he said. His niece is now fine after the accident.

As many people commended him for his bravery, Mr Kimbrell says his actions were not special. “I think that anyone that’s a decent human being would do that for someone else, regardless of who it was, family or a stranger,” he said.


6. Man Arrested for Stealing Car from Childcare Centre with a Baby Sleeping Inside

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A man was arrested for allegedly stealing a car from outside a childcare centre with a baby sleeping inside.

Police say the five-month-old boy was strapped in his car seat when his mum left him inside the car before 5pm on Wednesday in Adderton Road, Telopea, in Sydney’s north west. While the mum was away, a 33-year-old man got inside the car and drove off.

After reporting the incident to the police, a search was carried out until police caught up with the car in Parramatta, but the baby was no longer inside the vehicle. It was learned that the little boy was dumped by the side of the road in Denham Place at Dundas. Thankfully, he was not harmed.

The man was charged with taking a motor vehicle with occupant on board and abandoning or exposing a child under seven years to danger of serious injury.


5. Family of Girl Bitten by Dog in the Face are Furious with Decision to Let the Dog Owner Pay Only $1,000 in Fines

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A man was told to pay at least $1,000 in fines after his dog bit a toddler on the face late last year.

David Mark Birnie, 51, who owns a young Staffordshire terrier and collie cross, assured the family of three-year-old Phoebe Hettinger during their visit at the O’Connor shops, that the dog was harmless, so the girl bent down and pat the dog. However, the dog suddenly attacked her. Phoebe’s mum, Donna, took photos of her child after the attack which shows her baby’s face smeared with blood and with serious cuts in the lips and other areas in the face.

In a protracted hearing, Magistrate Beth Campbell told the court that she could only have Mr Birnie fine a small amount. “To his credit, he hung about. It’s not as if he tried to decamp the area,” she said.

The child’s family were furious and disappointed with the decision, saying the attack scarred their daughter for life. The mother said Phoebe had been seeing a child psychologist since the attack, which happened after a change to the ACT laws on dog attacks, doubling the maximum fine over an attack to about $14,000.

“We’ve been let down by the act. Last year there was all this fanfare about this new wonderful, improved act that would give a difference between a simple attack and something that actually was an attack that caused serious injury. We’ve got a case where a young child, three years old, gets attacked, causes serious injury, and the owner is treated as if it was just a parking incident,” Mr Hettinger said, calling the public to make a complaint about the new law.


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