8 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

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8 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

Let’s catch up with the most amazing parenting news stories today from the story of a beauty queen arrested for faking cancer to a story of an 11-year-old giving birth to a baby.

8. Dad Designs Star Wars Characters Out of Baby Son’s Corrective Helmets

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A Dad has made a cool experiment out of the corrective headwear of his baby boy who was diagnosed with a rare condition.

Baby Jack was diagnosed with craniosynostosis, a condition where the skull prematurely turns into bone, requiring him to wear the corrective helmet. Approximately, one in 2000 children are born with this condition.

His dad decorated his helmet with one of Star Wars’ famous character, R2D2, which he posted to Reddit, along with other photos of fighter pilots from the film franchise. The photos attracted positive comments from people, mostly those who also had the same condition as a child.


7. Beauty Queen Arrested For Faking Cancer To Raise Money

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum

A beauty queen was arrested for faking a serious illness to gain thousands of dollars in donation for her supposed medical bills.

2015 Miss Pennsylvania US International Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates, 23, was said to have been falsely telling people, including her family, that she had chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. She even shaved her head twice to convince people that she was unwell. Fundraising events were also set up to help Ms Weaver-Gates with her alleged medical treatments, which raised at least $US14,000 ($19,000). She also revealed her “diagnosis” to her parents in March 2013, even making a statement in an interview with The Center County Gazette earlier this year. “I know that’s a parent’s worst fear, possibly losing a child. That was the hardest part, making my parents go through this. I mean, I know I’m not making them, but that’s how it feels,” she said.

State police investigator Trooper Thomas Stock said that Ms Weaver-Gates did this for two years. reports that she even asked her sister once to drive her to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for fake treatments, where her sister would be waiting for hours while she hid in the hospital. However, when police called the hospital for investigation, hospital staff say that Ms Weaver-Gates was not a patient.

Ms Weaver-Gates was arrested on Tuesday and is being held at Center County Correctional Facility on $US50,000 bail for felony counts of theft by deception and receiving stolen property.

Meanwhile, Butler’s Beauties, the production company behind Miss Pennsylvania US International, has stripped Ms Weaver-Gates of her title. “We were also led to believe that she was dealing with this horrible disease and stood by her as she struggled being a beauty queen and a cancer patient,” the company said.


6. Police Hunts Man and Woman For Alleged Abduction of 18-month-old girl from Canberra Care House

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Police are on the hunt for a man and a woman after an 18-month-old girl from Canberra’s north was abducted on Thursday.

Officers say they received a report that a man, armed with a knife and a gun which was believed to be fake, went inside Barnados Care House in Belconnen, and abducted the child. The incident happened around the time when the child’s 18-year-old mother, Melinda Kringle, was having a supervised visit with the child.

ACT Policing Acting Superintendent Joanne Cameron said: “At the time, the mother was present but she had left the scene by the time reports to police came in.” It is still unknown what the man’s relationship is to the mother or the baby girl.


5. Teenage Girl Sexually Assaulted in Warragul Public Toilet

Parenting News Stories | Stay at Home Mum

A 16-year-old girl was said to have been sexually assaulted by a man in a public toilet in a park southeast of Melbourne.

Detective Sen-Constable Ben Hodson said that the girl was sitting on a bench on Warragul’s Queens Street Park on Friday last week when a man approached her. The girl said she was taken into the toilets where the sexual assault happened.

Police are asking for help from the public especially those who have information or who were witnesses to the incident. “We believe there may have been people in a nearby restaurant when the incident occurred and we are appealing to them to come forward,” he said.


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